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Jun 20, 2011 08:43 AM

Need a Dinner Rec for the Hyannis Area Please


I'm flying up from NC today, and will be staying in the Dedham area tonight and Wednesday, and will be working and visting Cape Cod on Tuesday and Wednesday staying in Hyannis on Tuesday night. I don't know much about the Hyannis area (almost nothing in fact), and didn't see too many archived posts on Chowhound with suggestions for that area, and it appears I could use a little Chowhound expertise and assistance.

I'm open to any suggestions. It would be nice to have the option of a full bar, and other than that, I'm all ears. Seafood, Italian, steakhouse, clam shack, it's all good...price isn't a big factor, just quality of food, service, and the experience.


  1. Your best bet is to try the Souther New England board Good Luck

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    1. I really enjoyed my trip to Spanky's Clam Shack in Hyannis. Casual seafood place with nice outdoor dining on the waterfront. One of the only really good meals I had while staying in downtown Hyannis.

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        Thanks Boston_Otter, we'll take that under advisement.

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          Just curious, where else did you eat? Spanky's isn't going to win any awards, even for it's basic fried fare.

          1. re: CapeCodGuy

            Apparently a lot of terrible restaurants. Nothing was memorable to even register a name. Mediocre seafood, mediocre Italian. The clams, fishcakes, and crab I had at Spanky's was fresh and tasty, which was a vast improvement. My personal pick for good seafood on the Cape would be Wee Packet in Dennisport, but in Hyannis, I didn't find much of note.

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              There's a LOT of drek in Hyannis. Sound like you hit them all. There is also over a half dozen excellent choices. Spanky's isn't one of them. Wee Packet you say? lol....but you also like Kowloon dontchya?

              1. re: CapeCodGuy

                I went back to Wee Packet after a decade or so of being away from the Cape recently, and yeah, their fried clams are some of the best I've had anywhere.

                Kowloon's the best place for tiki kitch in the Boston area. If you're with friends wanting mai tais served in coconuts, women in grass skirts, lounge music played on a giant canoe, and plates of pu-pu, yeah, it's great for that. Never said they had excellent food by any means!

                But seriously, CCG, if you know of some great seafood places on the Cape, why not let us know, instead of just telling me that the places I like are crappy?

                1. re: Boston_Otter

                  Do a search of my posts on the Southern New England Board and you'll find literally hundreds of recs of good places, as well as discussions of the bad, over the last 8 or so years.

                  Personally, I'd find it a darn shame if a first time visitor to the Cape came all the way fron NC for a night and their only experience was Spanky's Clam Shack, or Wee Packet for that matter.

                  There are probably a dozen or so discussions alone, many started by myself, that are specific to fried clams.

                2. re: CapeCodGuy

                  Stop teasing us. I am very interested in this thread as I will be in the Hyannis area later this week. What are the tasty places to eat? I'd particularly like to have some very fresh, broiled or baked fish on the bone.

                  1. re: susanl143

                    Come on over to the Southern New England board and you'll find what you seekl! Actually, I'm surprised the Mods have allowed this discussion to continue out of region on this board. They are usually quick to move such OT threads.

                    Here's a few salient links to get you started.


          2. Go to the Naked Oyster in Osterville.

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