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Jun 20, 2011 08:38 AM

Reccomendations between Int Airport and Ohio?

Hey folks,

Flying into Pittsburgh Int Airport and will be driving to Steubenville (arriving mid afternoon). Looking for a good spot for a late lunch/early supper. Doesn't need to be due west of the airport, I can drive around a bit in the airport area before heading west to OH.

Interested in good spots for any of the following:

- BBQ (pulled pork, ribs, good sides)
- Burgers (prefer griddled, but grilled/pub ok too if it is really good.. would love to try a true slider spot maybe?)
- Mexican.. tacos mainly, cheap and sketchy is fine as long as it is good!

If none of the above are available.. or if you can reccomend 'any' spot in the area (no chains, no fine dining.. just GREAT casual food), I'm open to any and all.

PS: Good craft beer available.. or even a brewpub are a bonus but very appreciated. Also any reccomendations for local craft beer and/or bottle shops in the area / along the way to OH are welcome.

Cheers folks!


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  1. There is a place right before you get to Stubenville, called DeeJays, BBQ Ribs and Grille. It is acutally in West Vigrina, (Which you travel through for a few miles on the way to Stubenville) and their ribs are very good. It kind of looks like a chain, but it's not. Also, there is a BBQ place near the airport called Selmas that I would NOT recommend. If you just want a casual restaurant/bar with pretty good food you could try Wings, Spuds and Suds, on University Drive near the airport. Great wings, cold beer and nice people. It's a local type of place.

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    1. re: Burghfeeder

      Thanks for the rec's.. though not sure DeeJay's is up my alley (seems they just have ribs.. not 'bbq'). Selma's is that bad eh? Info looks good, seems like real BBQ?

      What about a diner along the highway?


      1. re: tbgallant

        I suspect that DeeJay's is not your style...Are the ribs good? Sure, but it's not real 'Q. Selmas intrigued me too, but it's just not very good at all. The area between the airport and Stubenville is somewhat of a food wasteland, and Pittsburgh in general is difficult to BBQ.

        If you don't mind a short drive, I would recommend Two Brothers BBQ, in Presto Pa. I would guess it's about 10 miles from the airport. They don't have indoor seating, and literally cook out of a trailer, but it is really good. The brisket is great which is usually my go-to item for BBQ and they of course have ribs and pulled pork. If you don't mind the seating arrangements, I'd say it's worth the trip.