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Jun 20, 2011 07:29 AM

Hammer Stahl Knives

I recently attended the Taste of Music City event and Hammer Stahl had a booth set up where you could "test drive" their knives. I did and liked the ones I tried. I really liked the look of them too. Does anyone have any experience with this brand? I did a search of the boards and I couldn't find any mention of them.

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  1. If you tried it and you like them, and the price is right for you, then I don't see any major problem for you get them. One important thing which you cannot try is the "edge holding" ability (also edge forming ability too, but don't worry about it now). Some knives can hold their edge much longer than others. One knife may need sharpening every week and the other may need it every 6 months, and there is no way for you to test that during a 5 minutes test-drive.

    Now, the website stated that these knives made of German 440 steel. I am guessing it is 440A and not 440B nor 440C. So this is the level of steel you are looking at. Cutco is another brand which uses 440A steel. From a steel point of view, I will not rank the steel better than the standard Wusthof or Henckels knives. Hope this give you an estimation of the knife steel quality.

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      I meant to mention this before but after I read your post I looked at the information that they gave me at the booth and it says that it is made with 440C steel. I don't know if that changes your thoughts or not but thought I'd mention it anyway.

      1. re: Boudleaux

        Generally speaking, 440C is considered a bit better than 440A, but the difference is not enormous. Both steels can be made into good knives when done correctly. I think you are looking at knives in the similar quality level as the typical Wusthof and Henckels. So I think you should look at the price and styles, and compare to the typical Wusthof and Henckels and see how you feel about the difference.

    2. I like the looks of them, but the prices seem a bit high for what you're getting. Chem made a comparison to Cutco & I think it's valid. We have the Cutco 5" santoku & I feel it's WAY over-priced (around $100) for what you get. That being said, we do use it & it's a decent knife. Just over-priced for the steel quality, & general materials & "work" put into the product. IMO, it should be MSRP'd at $29.95, & I suspect the Hammer Stahl knives are similarly over-priced.

      As I mentioned, I do like the looks, & I'm big into in-your-hand comfort & ergonomics. The handles look decent, & I'm also a fan of "no full bolsters" along the rear of the blade. Some of the blade profiles are a little odd to my tastes, but that doesn't mean much; YOU'RE the one who'll use it!

      Keep in mind that any demo worth its salt is going to use the sharpest knives possible, & are likely going to be much sharper than the knives you're currently using. That's what hooked us on the Cutco products. There's nothing wrong with that, but you should be aware of other options before taking the plunge on any one brand you might demo. See if you have a local kitchen store (NOT a restaurant supply store), or even a Bed, Bath & Beyond, that has other brands to try out.

      1. Thanks for the 2 great replies! I have a Global santoku that I'm very happy with. I had never heard of this brand and, as I mentioned, I liked the looks of them. I felt that they were a bit overpriced though they were offering discounts at the event. I would like to add another good knife (or two) to my kitchen but I'm on the fence about it being one these.

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        1. re: Boudleaux

          I agree with the other two guys. They look overpriced to me as well. $140 for an 8 inch German chefs knife in 440 steel is pretty steep.

          But if you like the knife enough, price is a secondary concern.

          If you're looking specifically for an attractive, well made German style knife at a decent price, I recommend Messermeister Meridian Elite series. If you're just looking for a great knife to supplement your santoku, there are more great knives than I could begin to recommend.

          1. re: cowboyardee

            "I recommend Messermeister Meridian Elite series"

            Great suggestion.

            1. re: cowboyardee

              Thanks for the input and the suggestion! I will look at Messermeister Meridian Elite. I have been considering purchasing a Shun but I'm not sure my cooking skills deserve a Shun. Ha!

              1. re: Boudleaux

                "I have been considering purchasing a Shun but I'm not sure my cooking skills deserve a Shun"

                They are just different.

                Shun and Messermeister are just different styles of knife. Messermeister knives are very classical German stainless steel knives. They are just as good as any standard Henckels and Wusthof knives. They are also cheaper.

                Shun knives are hybrid knives which take features of Japanese knives and European knives.

                Now, if you are interested in Shun knives, but find them too expensive, then you may want to consider the Tojiro DP knives. They are great Japanese knives made with the same core steel (VG-10) as the Classic Shun knives, and are sold at affordable prices.



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                    I'm really diggin' that Tojiro DP Western Deba! Baddass.. :-D

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                      Eyeing on another knife, aren't you?

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                        Allways :) Too bad it's out of stock at CKTG..

                    2. re: Chemicalkinetics

                      Everyone deserves a Shun Ken Onion, I have 2, a 7 1/2" hollow ground and a 6" chefs. i had t get the second because it is the knife my husband I both reach for most out of all of our knives. When you think about it $200 for a knife really isn't that bad.Not for a knife of that quality which will be a lifetime knife.

              2. I have a subscription to Food & Wine and there is a coupon inside for the 5 inch santoku knife for 75% off. So, the price is only $25. The website is
                when checking out, type in the promo code food and 75% should come off of the total price.

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                1. re: whiteasianchef

                  I bought that. It was delivered on Friday.

                  It seemed like a nice knife, but I bought it as a gift and my little brother took it home on Sunday. It's a 5.5" actually and the handle has a nice wood inlay. Well balanced, but the handle seemed a bit small. Still my brother seemed to like it very much.

                  Here's a direct link:


                  I would consider it a "good deal".

                  1. re: whiteasianchef

                    I bought that one because the promotion seemed too good to pass up. It's a beautiful knife. I've used it a few times and I like it a lot, but I don't know that I'd seek out that line when I'm knife shopping; it's hard for me to judge how a larger size might handle because this one is relatively small.

                    1. Just for fun read up on Gunter Wilhelm and Hammer Stahl. Basic clones of each other and who knows who came first.


                      In all fairness G/W and H/S are both very comfortable to hold and quite pretty. I'd pick them over a Cutco just due to ergonomics. A Cutco stinks in my hand for a pinch grip. the H/S and G/W don't.

                      Never had one or had one come through for sharpening to judge other aspects.


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                      1. re: knifesavers

                        Don't get me wrong it is a great looking knife,,,for 19.95 not 147 for an 8" piece of shit there was a link to a ryusen for 8$ more that was stunning to look at and made of good steel

                        1. re: Dave5440

                          How 'bout $24.95? The promo code listed by whiteasianchef still appears to be valid (as of yesterday), & they were willing to throw in a sharpener & something else (an edge guard maybe?) at no additional charge. Seems reasonable for the whole kit of three items, as long as you can make use of a small santoku of unremarkable quality.

                          1. re: Eiron

                            Yup it would be worth that, I'd even say go to 49$ but no higher