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lunch options near mammoth studios in burnaby (lougheed hwy near production way)

hi folks,

i've been here for two weeks and will be here for four more.
i hear pho101 is legit.
i went to the sushi joint next door and it was edible but still pretty bad (not as bad as california sushi though)
i will more than likely stick to the korean joints on north road (havent been to any yet)
i saw there is a dimsum joint too (yans garden)

any other thoughts of eating in this area? i prefer traditional asian but am willing to try anything unusual, special or superlative.


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  1. Hmmm...just checked google maps to figure out where you're close to. If you have a vehicle, that's your best option for checking out Asian food. Kingsway would be the place to be for Asian options. Check out Ben's blog at chowtimes.com as he works in the Metrotown area and has sampled lots of places in that area. Hope that helps a bit.

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    1. re: bdachow

      yeah, metrotown is just a touch too far for me to get to. its about a 20 minute drive from my office. im ok with 10 minutes and the occasional 20 minute trek if there is some totally super food there (are there)?

      yes i do have a car.
      thanks for the blog link. the map is very helpful.

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        Hi Modernist - from Production Way/Lougheed, Lougheed Mall would be your closest concentration of restaurants. Any other areas (Metrotown, Brentwood Mall, Hastings strip) would just take too long esp. during noon time traffic rush.

        Another local blogger Karl (TheFridayLunch: http://thefridaylunch.wordpress.com/) focuses a lot of attention on Burnaby restaurants so he's a good resource.

        I used to work in Metrotown (MetroTower) and there ARE a lot of restos there.

        Hopefully Lougheed Mall area offers adequate variety for you ..... it is heavy on Korean restos.

        My parents mentioned a good Shanghai/Northern Chinese place on Austin closer to Blue Mountain (Lucky Gate) that is supposedly decent:


    2. There's a good sushi place called Fuji Sushi on Clark Road in a strip mall. My friends and I would scream down the mountain from SFU in between classes to eat here. It's tiny so it gets packed quickly.

      Here's their website.

      Fuji Sushi Restaurant
      526B Clarke Rd, Coquitlam, BC V3J3X5, CA

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      1. re: moyenchow

        tried out fuji sushi. they had a wider selection of fish from japan, japanese owned, more skilled, however i ordered the wrong thing. i was asking about aji, mirugai, uni and amaebi, and the waitress suggested the "deluxe nigiri" set.
        what i got was decidedly not deluxe

        i consider most of these pretty cheap filler throwaways:
        ikura (dried out and salty)
        sake (atlantic)
        ebi (cooked)
        local hamachi (i have yet to come across import hamachi)
        and an albacore roll

        the rice was pretty low grade/not tasty and waay too much.
        wont be going back.

        i think i'll be sticking to korean.

      2. On the northeast corner of Lougheed Hwy and North Rd you'll find Insadong, very good Korean, and also Matsu Sushi which is worth visiting. On the southeast corner you'll find Yan's Garden which won a Vancouver restaurant award last year for their Sautéed Geoduck with Mushrooms. Good luck and report back.

        1. I just drove through the Lougheed Mall area this morning. A good Chinese resto called Mui Garden (SE corner of North Road & Lougheed) is there, you can't go wrong. I thought I heard they were closed but it seems they're still sticking around:


          1. thanks folks! i'll check some of these bad boys out!

            1. |'d recommend Chicken Party(yes that's really the name of the place) for Korean-style fried chicken. They have different flavours on offer like garlic-soy, spicy-sweet, etc. Extremely tasty!

              Chicken Party
              205 - 3355 North Road
              Burnaby, BC V3J


              1. had a soon dubu and bulgogi combo at house of soon tofu on north road south of lougheed hwy.
                it was tasty but i'm damned thirsty right now.
                not sure if they are using msg or what.

                gonna try good friends next...

                1. i've spent what felt like years at mammoth studios. pho 101 is pretty good. i also really like golden pita (at the east end of lougheed mall, off of cameron street) really authentic and varied lebanese. also El Comal at 7650 Winston is very good mexican food.

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                  1. re: kathartic

                    being from los angeles, i'm going to avoid mexican altogether. i'm too spoiled.

                    same with arab/lebanese. i went to the super popular nuba, and found it borderline inedible.
                    tabbouleh had zero lemon or olive oil, falafel tasted like chick pea pancakes, and the "fattoush" resembled nothing to fattoush, leafy greens with some sort of salad dressing. **shudder**

                    however, an iraqi girl i met said there is some hole in the wall shawerma place that is good on robson or something like.

                    1. re: modernist

                      There are a couple of popular ones on Robson and Granville (eg Babylon Cafe)...but coming from LA, you probably will not find it that great either. Abdul's at Crystal Mall is pretty good.

                      But back to Lougheed/Production...Korean for sure. Try Wang Ga Ma across from the new H-Mart. The Korean chicken at Honey's Bistro is good. Also - check out the few Korean places on the north end of North Rd (which would actually be Clarke Rd there, IIRC.). But again, being from LA where you have great Korean, none may impress.

                      And House of Tofu does use MSG like most, if not all Korean joints....you'll even see MSG in salt shakers at the table at many of them.

                  2. had a nice seafood jigae at good friends on clarke road.
                    heavy on the seasquirts, but some fish and mussels too.
                    lunch specials of tonkatsu and bibimbap for 6.99 too.
                    i dont feel msg cracked out this time.
                    they also have soon dubu which i might try next time.