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Jun 20, 2011 02:51 AM

Paris where to go: Yam'Tcha, Sola, others?

Dear people who know the Paris resto scene, could you please advise on some picks to eat for our trip?

So far we booked a table at KGB, Spring, Regalade St Honore. We'll go into China Town, and maybe some classic brasserie like Flo (is there one in that empire especially good?).

Now, which other restaurant would be a good pick: Yam'Tcha, Sola, or some other one?

Other question: what is the difference between KBG and Ze Kitchen Gallery?

Someone recommended Georges at Centre Pompidou - it makes me feel more like a spot for view and tourists than for good food - would would be your take on this?

Thank you!

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  1. "Someone recommended Georges at Centre Pompidou - it makes me feel more like a spot for view and tourists than for good food" - Correct

    Is there any reason your list is slanted towards Asian or Asian inspired food?

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    1. re: PhilD

      ""Someone recommended Georges at Centre Pompidou - it makes me feel more like a spot for view and tourists than for good food" - Correct"

      Agreed. Grim.

      I also wonder why China Town.

      1. re: Parigi

        There might indeed be an Asian touch in my preferences - though I am open for any good cuisine. This selection might be bit of a coincidence as well maybe.

        My experience with French food is that I love it when it is very simple (but well made) or very high level (as a very crude guideline 'high 1 star' and up). The 'in between' I often find disappointing when chefs try to go beyond their capabilities...

        This trip we'd like to find out a bit more on the 'bistronomy'...bit after the trend maybe, but alas.

        And a last reason might be that our access to French food is quite good, living in the South of the Netherlands (culi town Maastricht) and close to Belgium. So, in for something different.

        Regalade is non Asian influenced isn't it? And Flo as well?

        China town because I like the Vietnamese Pho (and cannot get it where we live), and because we often prefer Asian breakfast over any 'Western'.

        I hope this sheds more light on my request - open for any suggestions you might have!

        1. re: Willem

          All good answers. :-)

          Indeed La Régalade is not Asian influenced. Flo isn't either, nor is it good. The setting is pretty. you can always eat before you go (there's a whole genre of restos like that), like a great Kurdish sandwich at Urfa Dürüm down the street.

          KGB is a "simpler" grade than Ze. Both are Asian influenced in a dialled-in way. I liked Ze ok and am not wild about it, although many firends enjoy it very much.

          For pho, I like Pho 14 on 129 avenue de Choisy.

          1. re: Parigi

            haha :-) Thx for the Pho tip! Ze is fully booked, so we'll try KGB.

    2. You might also enjoy Moustache.

      KGB is the mothership; ZKG is the less expensive off-shoot.

      What kind of experience or food are you looking for at a brasserie? Classic room? Food? Service/ambiance?

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      1. re: mangeur

        In general we look for good food, less for interior etc. For reasons to long to explain, my partner has never eaten in a brasserie in Paris - so this one is an exception, to see the classic thing.
        Thx for the tip.

        1. re: Willem

          On the asian inspired french theme you might consider Hiramatsu. Definitely french food but with an underlying asian sensibility, 1 star in the red guide, really a good place, lunch is especially a good deal.

          Hiramatsu Restaurant
          52 Rue de Longchamp, Paris, Île-de-France 75116, FR

          1. re: Willem

            I think you might like Passage 53 as well.