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Jun 19, 2011 10:32 PM

Liv's in Old Saybrook; Great Oysters and Lots More!

On our recent bi-yearly visits to the eastern CT Shore, we have found that high quality artisanal food, comparable to places in Boston, is very hard to come by. With last night's terrific dinner at Liv's, in the center of Old Saybrook, it is easy to see that this French Culinary Institute trained chef/owner really knows his stuff, and the crowds are there to prove it. Aside from a comfortable attractive room and excellent welcoming and professional service, our food highlights included: a wonderful variety of oysters; fried calamari(so sweet) over a lovely lemon vinaigrette salad; tuna sashimi 'pizza'; seafood saffron risotto; pasta with seared scallops, foraged mushrooms,asparagus and carbonara sauce; basil ice cream, and the best maple ice cream we have ever had. After such a great night, we immediately knew this would be a regular spot for us on future visits from Boston. Thank you, CHs, for mentioning this place; you are lucky to have this gem down here!

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  1. Thought you'd like it. Were all the other places you tried on your visit not worth mentioning?

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      yikes mensch! it took me an hour to write THAT one above!!! and another hour plus for The Suburban one!! and an hour for the Belle Aurore one, all posted on this forum the last 3 days!
      Also on the way are Somewhere in Time and Pita Spot; that's all we hit. whew, I'm tired from (writing about CH) vacationing! What a great trip we had, thanks to all of you CH helpers. More later.

      Pita Spot
      45 Williams Ave, Mystic, CT 06355

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        Sorry, I didn't see your other posts....will look them up now....:-)

    2. My one experience ( a few months ago) at Liv's was not so stellar, shell fragments in the oysters, and an unmemorable entree, My SO had the chefs choice vegetarian entree which consisted of 6 bland gnocchi with a few pieces of frisee lettuce and a vinaigrette. Our server was new so his gaffes were forgivable, It is not close enough that I would drive back to go again, but if I found myself in the area may give it another shot as I have heard many good reviews here.