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Jun 19, 2011 09:59 PM


I know we nearing the end of cherry season, so I have to ask.

Has anyone had any good cherries this year? If so, where?

Ever since Mother's Day I've been on the lookout for cherries. Half the time the stores don't have them, and the other half the cherries taste like cotton balls.

Is it just me? Have you found good cherries this year? We still have a couple of weeks left of cherry season, perhaps I can get on that elusive bandwagon ...

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  1. I just found some good ones at the Silver Lake Gelson's. There weren't many left, though.

    1. Got some delicious (and beautiful) Ranier cherries at the Costco in Alhambra.

      1. There are two farmers at the Sunday Encino Farmers Market who sell organic cherries (even though not on the 2011 "Dirty Dozen" list, they s/b since their skins are so darn thin and are prone to high pesticide levels. They have been on past year's DD lists).

        They've both had Bings and Rainers. The Rainers haven't been too sweet this year, but man oh man, the Bings have been amazing.

        The farmer I bought from yesterday said they'll be around for another two weeks, and then adios until next year. I freakin' love cherries, and that always bums me out when their short season comes to a close.

        1. I've found very sweet Bing cherries for $1.99/lb from my local Vons, about two weeks back, and they even lasted a long time in my fridge. Ready to buy some more, seems to be the crop htis year is pretty good, but have heard others (on the East coast) getting bland cherries.

          1. There's a vendor at the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers' Market - name escapes me, I'm sorry to say, but they've always been on the north side of Arizona in the first block of stalls off of Ocean - who've had at least five or six different varieties this season, most very good and some downright amazing. Their "Royal Raniers" are just wonderful.

            Gelsons in Valley Village has had very good Raniers and some quite serviceable generic "red California cherries", as well.