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who has best chicken feet at dim sum?

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Curious to know who you think has best chicken feet (black bean sauce not white version) thx in advance

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  1. It it's at a dim sum place, then my vote goes to 888.

    Otherwise, I think the best braised chicken feet are at Sam Woo BBQ at the intersection of 6th and Valley.

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      intresting, I don't particularly care for 888's chicken feet but maybe I should give them another chance. thx

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        888's white feet are as boring (to my taste) as anyone's, but I've always thought their braised ones were pretty swell.

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      Hungry All the Time

      888 in SGV or Empress in Monterey Park.

      1. my experience in chicken feet dates to the very recent past, but I was knocked out by the feet at Empress Pavilion in Chinatown. the sauce was positively haunting. in fact, I think all three of us were new to the feet, and loved them. By contrast, I had them at Capital Seafood (New Capital? the new place in the minimall opposite Ocean Star), which someone on this board praised, and found them uncompelling.

        1. Probably my favorite dim sum restaurant is Full House Restaurant in Arcadia. Good prices, excellent dim sum and far and away the best chicken feet. I believe they have dim sum every day til 3pm.
          Full House restaurant. 1220 S. Golden West Ave. Arcadia, CA 91006

            1. I like Empress in Chinatown and NBC Seafood in Monterey Park

              1. I like 888 because their version is a bit spicier than the Empress Harbor version. They are the two top contenders in my book.

                1. My vote for chicken feet goes to Capital, in the mall at Atlantic and Garvey. They are pretty aggressively spiced, and there is a luxurious softness to them that I love. I always get chicken feet at dim sum, but Capital is the only place where I routinely get two orders.

                  1. My vote goes to Empress Harbor in Monterey Park. Hot, boney, and tender chicken feet.

                    1. I love the chicken feet at Ocean Seafood (LA Chinatown).