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Jun 19, 2011 08:28 PM

Pho (other than Pho Van) in PDX

Looking for excellent Pho in-and-around downtown.


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  1. Pho Oregon on 82nd is my fave. Nice light broth.

    Pho Oregon Restaurant
    2518 NE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97220

    1. By Pho Van, I assume you mean their Pearl outpost, Silk. It would probably be my first choice. Unfortunately, the best places for pho aren't in-and-around downtown. That said, Thanh Long, near PSU isn't bad, but I think their other dishes are better than their pho. It's on SW College betw 6th and Bway.

      duckduck is right, Pho Oregon is one of the best in town along with Pho An on Sandy...everything else is probably a step or two down.

      Pho Van
      1919 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97216

      Pho Oregon Restaurant
      2518 NE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97220

      Pho An
      3449 N Anchor St Ste 200, Portland, OR 97217

      1. There's a place tucked right under the Walgreens on W Burnside (NW 20th and Burnside). I forget the name (Pho Toast?), but it was some of the best Pho I've had in a while.

        The broth is pretty pungent and the cuts of meat were of high quality. They have the standard selection of Pho ingredients you would expect like fishball, flank, or tripe.

        It's run by a cute old Asian lady, and the menu is charmingly misspelled in places. Definitely recommended as everything is under 10 bucks.

        1. I actually like pho Hung a little better than pho vann. There's also a restaurant on division by 84th across the street from five spice. I cannot recall the name of the restaurant but their pho is very good. They dont have the typical pho we americans think of. they have a variety of spicy broth, and vermicelli noodles and etc.

          Also If you are just looking for pho that's close in the city, theres one called Pho Gia on sandy and 20th (?). It's a mom and pop place that have the typical pho. It's one of our regular spots if we do not feel like driving to 82nd for the better stuff.