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Jun 19, 2011 06:53 PM

Food Suggestions In Cambridge, MD

I will be vacationing in Cambridge, MD with extended family from June 25-July 2 and would appreciate casual dining in as well as carry out options. We are especially interested in solid pizza and sandwich places. Our house will be near the Hyatt Chesapeake Bay resort.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. On our visit to Cambridge we enjoyed meals at Jimmie and Sook's and Suicide Bridge Restaurant (go before sunset for the view). Bistro Poplar was considered the most upscale but we were unable to eat there because of a private event. We stayed at the Hyatt and thought the food was pretty awful so don't eat there.

    1. Kay's Country Kitchen at the Cambridge airport. Do not miss. Great home "country kitchen" food looking out over tarmac at small commuter-type airplanes. Every age in the family loves it. Look for the airport. (Cambridge airport, not the Easton airport.) Here is the street address for your GPS; it is just one turn off of Rte 50 but the main thing is - it's at the airport.

      5263 Bucktown Rd
      Cambridge, MD 21613