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Jun 19, 2011 06:41 PM

Canton Gourmet – One of the Better Cantonese Restaurants in Flushing

**For full post and pics**:

Canton Gourmet is a Cantonese restaurant in Flushing that is famous for its garlic crab, garlic chicken and golden fried rice.

The Chinese name of Canton Gourmet is bi feng tang (避風塘 / bei fung tong), which are typhoon shelters for fisherman’s boats in Hong Kong and there is a famous Hong Kong crab dish called bi feng tang chao xie (避風塘炒蟹) that was supposedly invented by fishermen in the typhoon shelters. As you would figure this crab dish is one of Canton Gourmet’s specialties. In any area with a lot of Hong Kong people you can usually find a restaurant that specializes in this dish and as far as I know this is the only restaurant serving this in NY. I’ve actually written about one other restaurant, Seafood Village in LA (, that serves the same specialty dishes as Canton Gourmet (garlic crab and golden fried rice) although Seafood Village is a notch above Canton Gourmet food quality wise.

The restaurant is located on Prince next to Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao. Oddly, the layout and décor of both restaurants are virtually the same ( The restaurant is pretty new looking and quite clean. I’ve found the service to be quite good and they also speak very good English.

On to the food:
- String Beans with Pickled Vegetable (Chao Si Ji Dou): This is string beans that are stir fried with a mix of ground pork and salty preserved vegetables. The version here is pretty good; the mix of pork and preserved vegetables go quite nicely with the string beans. If they had a little more of the “wok flavor” this would be a great version of it, but overall it’s still quite good. 7.75/10
- Braised Pork Belly with Preserved Mustard Greens (Mei Cai Kou Rou): This is pork belly that is braised using a mixture of soy sauce, rice wine, ginger, star anise, garlic, sugar and preserved mustard greens. I don’t see this in restaurants that often and I kind of think of it more of a home style dish. The version here was decent, but not great. The pork belly should be really tender and while it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t as melt in your mouth tender as it should be. The sauce was good although I prefer the sauce to be slightly sweet and this wasn’t sweet at all. Also, I screwed up because it tastes a lot better with white rice and I got the fried rice. 7/10
- Beef with Oyster Sauce (Hao You Niu Rou): This is a pretty simple dish of sliced beef sautéed with asparagus and snap peas in a light oyster sauce. The beef was cooked nicely and was quite tender and the sauce compliments it well. I liked this dish because I grew up eating stuff like this, but I think some people might find it a little light on flavor as it’s not salty at all and the oyster sauce is a subtle flavor. 7.5/10
- Sauteed Pea Shoots (Qing Chao Dou Miao): This was a typical preparation of sautéed pea shoots in some oil and garlic. It was cooked nicely and tasted good. 7.75/10
- Golden Fried Rice: This is one of the house specialties. It’s fried rice with salted fish, egg and scallions. It’s pretty simple, but the combination of flavors works very nicely together. The only knock on it is that it’s not as fluffy as it should be, but it is still quite tasty overall. I’d also recommend getting some chili sauce with it as I think that kicks it up a notch. 8/10
- Garlic Crab (Bi Feng Tang Chao Xie): This is the crab I referred to earlier and is another house specialty. The crab is fried in a salty batter and topped with a bed of fried garlic and scallions. The flavors are delicious and go very well with crab. The crab meat is very soft after being fried and it also makes the shells easier to break through. I really like the fried garlic and scallions and I like to take some and mix it in with my fried rice. The only thing about the crab is that sometimes I’ve found it to be a little on the oily side, but it’s sort of been luck of the draw on whether it’s too oily or not. 8/10

Overall, I like Canton Gourmet and it’s one of the better Cantonese restaurants in NY. I find most of their food to be good and their specialty dishes are definitely worth trying out.

Canton Gourmet
38-08 Prince St, Queens, NY 11354

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  1. Their salt and pepper pork chops are the best I've ever had. Perfectly fried and seasoned, plus, I can't get enough of the fried shallots and jalapenos they put on top. I end up eating the left over topping with the dao miu - good stuff.

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    1. re: Greg

      yah my friend told me those are awesome, i would've tried them on this trip, but we basically didn't have enough people to order anymore.

      i'll definitely order them next time i go

    2. Have you tried their bo zai fun? Any casseroles FWIW?

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      1. re: diprey11

        no i haven't tried their bo zai fan or any of their casseroles really.

        although i have had some other good dishes there, but it was a while ago, so i didnt take pictures. i had a really good dish there that was niu pai in bed of chilis and vegetables, but it was off the menu. i probably should go back and try more food and write another post

        1. re: Lau

          The Mei Cai Kou Rou is really good at a Taiwanese place 37-07 Prince St. It doesn't seem to have an English name (nor English spoken?); it is basically next to Spicy and Tasty. Their Chou Dou Fu is also very good--and the set meals are fantastically cheap with astounding variety.

          1. re: swannee

            I think you're referring to Nou Riou Mian or TRFKAK5N (The Restaurant Formerly Known As King 5 Noodle).

            1. re: Polecat

              yah its called niu rou mian in chinese (it now only has chinese characters) and was formerly called King 5 Noodle in Chinese. niu rou mian means beef noodle soup. I've only eaten breakfast and beef noodle soup, but I am planning on doing a full review of it sometime as i liked the food i had there.

              they also used to own the defunct nan bei he and they currently still own a taiwanese bian dang (lunchbox) place on roosevelt, which im going to write a review for soon....ive got a whole bunch of flushing reviews coming. Been really busy at work, so i'm way behind on writing reviews

              Xin Mei Hua
              133-49 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11354

              1. re: Lau

                Never actually had the niu rou mian there in spite of the name. The san bei ji is excellent ("three glass chicken", often translated as chicken with basil).

                1. re: swannee

                  yah i heard their three cup chicken is good.

                  i did a review of king 5 noodle a long time ago: