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New New Ho King Restaurant

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For years I and many others used to depend on New Ho King for a chinoise fix, either delivered or in house. About two years ago the food quality slid drastically downhill and I stopped dealing with them.
Now they have a new location a few doors south of the old haunt. New chairs and table, new uniforms for the service staff, BUT the same old crap food from the last two years!!! The Hot and Sour soup is my test for Chinese restos. This largish bowl was NOT hot and Sour soup. It was a thin watery broth with a few red pepper flakes floating among the flotsam and jetsam that looked like table scrapings. Sure it had tofu, damn little, a few strands of egg and no flavour whatever. Lashings of soya sauce did nothing to save this bowl. I had ordered it as the seafood version, but since there were no critters whatsoever, I assume this was the default version.

I also ordered Hunan Beef, steamed rice and Deep fried Scallops with salt. The waitress suggested I have the lunch special of the Hunan beef, as it was with rice and cheaper. The green peppers and onions were great, crispy and fresh, the rest of it was a Chinese version of Chef Boyardee texture and flavor. The scallops were sliced in half and drenched in batter and deep fried, a very weird taste, with many small bits of deep fried something that wasn't scallops.

You can dress the place up but the kitchen is still sliding downhill

New Ho King
416 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T2G7, CA

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  1. Sorry you had this experience. My family and I went for Father's Day dinner and had a terrific meal with super service. As I said in my last post concerning this restaurant, every meal I have at New Ho King is exactly the tasty and reasonably priced family meal that Chinese families seek ( and yes, the patrons this night were mostly Chinese families). Despite the restaurant being insanely busy, our food arrived hot and promptly. We ordered our go to Sau See Gai, 100 Blossom Shrimp Rolls, seafood tofu casserole, pork chops in Chef's Special Sauce, whole steamed pickerel in soy, ginger and green onion, and Spicy Crispy Shredded Beef. My wife has not found a rendition of this last dish in Toronto that she liked, until now. The meal was accompanied by a bowl of the house soup de jour (or "Lai Tong" as it's called in Cantonese), a flavourful lotus root broth. Of course with the restaurant's normal huge portions, we had lots of tasty leftovers to take home. I can appreciate that you won't return to this restaurant based on your experience. I know that I and my extended family will.

    New Ho King
    416 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T2G7, CA