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Jun 19, 2011 02:04 PM

Le Castelas Sivergues - Lunch or Dinner?

Planning a trip to the region and would love to visit. It will be late June, so not worried about the light. Would y'all recommend Saturday dinner or Sunday lunch? Also if doing Saturday dinner, does anyone have experience with staying there? Or somewhere nearby?

I've searched all over the place and found lots of cool pictures and descriptions of the road, but nothing concrete. Thanks for any help you can provide!

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  1. I haven't been, but it looks like you can stay at their B&B as well:

    Also here is a link to one review on the food:

    1. Just had an excellent Sunday lunch there. Hmm, concrete you want? I think I will fail you. The ferme-auberge serves what it grows/raises. Excellent freshness + simple preparation. No choice. Enchanting experience.

      Remember it is a ferme-auberge. Therefore do not expect sophisticated preparation. But there is no freshness like it.

      Lastly, the roads around it, especially the road to Saignon and around Saignon are full of the brightest deepest purple lavender. Should be at their best in the next two weeks. Therefore I do recommend Sunday lunch, so that you don't miss this most enchanting sight.

      1. Here's Kurtis' recent review of his experience at le Castelas:
        As for when to go, I apologize for adding to your indecision by recommending you go there for dinner. First of all, it stays light until approx 9:30pm during that time of year. This means you can visit Saignon & the lavender fields before dinner, which starts at 7:30. Second, the sunset from le Castelas is beautiful, and adds tremendously to the unique experience. Third, the delicious roast pig is not served at lunch. As for the dirt road leading from the center of Sivèrgues to the farm, it is about 2kms and really not that bad if you drive slowly. We have made the roundtrip for dinner no less than 10 times, and have never had a problem in the dark. (We do NOT have an SUV.)

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        1. re: boredough

          "Third, the delicious roast pig is not served at lunch."

          Yes it was, on Sunday lunch.

          1. re: Parigi

            Interesting to know...thanks.
            the info on-line does not mention it for lunch, except for holidays (if I remember correctly)

            Going tomorrow night - can't wait!

            1. re: boredough

              Say hello to this one who fell asleep on my lap. We named her torn-ear Jane...

              1. re: Kurtis

                Jane must have been déjeuner by now.

                1. re: Parigi

                  C'est la vie: she has become a part of my body and soul.

                  1. re: Kurtis

                    Well I'll try to remember to look for her! Thank goodness the sun came back out today....

                2. re: Kurtis

                  Sadly the goats didn't come back from their own "dining" until after 10 pm, so we couldn't look for your friend Jane. Note to Parigi: friends have been to le Castelas for lunch and were not served roast pig, but we learned something new, thanks to you. I asked about the schedule for lunch, and now they do serve roast pig for Saturday & Sunday lunches. Mon-Fri lunches do not include this special dish. Good to know.

                    1. re: boredough

                      Le Castelas has always served a hot pig lunch on Sunday, as long as I have known it. I know that during the week days, they serve only cold cuts and salad. But the OP had asked about Sunday lunch, and I specified Sunday lunch also.
                      Grim re Jane, mais bon...
                      I hope you have as excellent a time as we did: faaabulous weather, no mistral, and the pig Chouchou came to say hello. Am afraid Chouchou may, hey, be in your tummy right now.

                      1. re: Parigi

                        Since we always go for dinner, I had never focused on lunch - except for the one time we went for Easter (when in fact we had lamb). Having heard from friends that their lunch was pig-less, I thought only holidays included the roast pig. (Silly me.) However the addition of pig for Saturday lunch does not even appear on the menu/tariff posted at the farm's entrance. As for Chouchou, you may be right. Let me know if you ever see her again....
                        And in case he didn't hand you his card, Dmitri just opened a second place called l'Auberge des Crêtes in la Palud sur Verdon (near the lac de St Croix). We wonder if it has the same charm as le Castelas....

                        1. re: boredough

                          "Dmitri just opened a second place called l'Auberge des Crêtes in la Palud sur Verdon"

                          That's nice to know, great!

                          Somewhat implied in my report on Le Castelas - did not mention roasted pork as one of the highlights of the meal - was that we were rather underwhelmed with the roasted pig on both Sunday dinners: leathery, overcooked and soggy. I am quite sure for both times that it was not roasted for the meal (likely leftover from the lunch roast), and perhaps rightfully so since both times there were only 4-6 guests total for the Sunday dinner. So, Parigi's suggestion for the lunch may be after all a better guidance for Sunday meal, although things may be different during the peak season when particular days of the week means less.

                          "Am afraid Chouchou may, hey, be in your tummy right now."

                          Or Miki in old days...

                          1. re: Kurtis

                            On Sunday lunch several waiter carried out the whole pig for a parade around the row of tables. We all applauded the victory lap.
                            The meat was tender and juicy.
                            The chocolate cake with a biscuit layer was astonishingly good too.

                            1. re: Kurtis

                              For the record, our roast pig on Thursday was delicious & moist, with the most wonderful crackling (about which I still dream). Sorry to hear that your experience was different, but as you say, you'll just have to go back.

                              1. re: boredough

                                "For the record, our roast pig on Thursday was delicious & moist, with the most wonderful crackling (about which I still dream)."

                                Lucky you and your dream, as I can only madly hallucinate...

              2. The original comment has been removed
                1. Hi mc22, tough choices to make especially in planning stage. I think either decision you make you will feel you made the right decision :)

                  But to add to the report I wrote which boredough gave the link to... If you like to sleep in and linger, and have breakfast at 10am or on demand, I don't think this is a place where you want to do that; at least I wouldn't feel right. I am an early riser, and 7-7:30am simple outdoor breakfast was a wonderful experience: I woke up to see the sunrise, and walked around the farm till breakfast which was very calming and nice. I hope this pic is helpful.

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                  1. re: Kurtis

                    Kurtis, so helpful! As was your entire trip report! You literally inspired the entire vacation! (I'm in Paris, so that was easy to make happen).

                    Wanted to pass that along so you could feel good about having disciples following you to deliciosness in Provence. And thanks for that info - I'll probably stay elsewhere as I am not such a morning person and wouldn't be much fun around then anyways!

                    1. re: mc22

                      Thanks! My paths were well-paved ones by the combined help of this board. The luxury of happenchances aren't/shouldn't be limited to frequent travelers, and it's always on retrospect that I didn't leave more room for this. Enjoy!