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Jun 19, 2011 12:32 PM

Save-A-Lot and paying for bags

Recently the Publix in my neighborhood shopping center moved a couple miles down the road to a larger space, and a Save-A-Lot opened up in the previous Publix building.

I was excited to have a grocery store back so close, but after visiting a couple times I have some issues.

For anyone not famliar, Save-A-Lot is a discount no frills type of place, and, for what it is, isn't bad. There's no deli or bakery on site, and they have a lot of generic brands, but the prices overall are pretty good.

The biggest problem I have, and the thing that gets me in enough of a huff that I end up driving the couple miles down to Publix as often as not, is that they don't bag your purchases for you, and they charge for the grocery bags that you use yourself.

True, it's just 3 cents per bag, so it's more about the principle than the cost, but the food prices aren't _that_ cheap that they couldn't afford plastic bags for customers. It just seems like a big 'f-you' to me, as the customer, to bring up my purchases, and then be told I'm both expected to bag them up myself, and to pay for that privilege.

Are there other stores that have this policy? Am I being a nut for being bothered by this?

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  1. Um, yes. More than ten years ago they charged 4ยข a bag at "my" Sav A Lot (Southern California).

    I know I am saving money when I shop there. I know I am not paying for a lot of frills. I can live without frills when I have money in my pocket at the end.

    You can put your purchases into one of the cut boxes left at the front or you can bring your own bags. Or you can shop elsewhere and pay for the fuel and the frills.

    1. Yes I think you are being a nut to be bothered by it once you know that is the policy. If you don't like it go elsewhere or bring along bags and someone to do the bagging for you.

      1. I don't have an issue bagging my own groceries so long as there are bags within easy reach including brown bags, and that I don't have such a full cart that I can't unload the cart AND bag groceries at the same time. If I know a store is BYO bags then I will bring them.

        1. Many of the folks here prefer to bag their own anyway. And I've gotten in the habit of bringing my own bags, except at Costco, where things are often too large - and they provide those cut-down boxes as well. That's just the way Sav A Lot works; Shop n Save locally is just the same. We've sort of gotten accustomed to doing things one single way, but just as the do-it-yourself checkout has been sort of accepted, many folks have gotten/will get used to it.

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            I do prefer to bag my own groceries and bring my own bags regardless of the store. I would not be offended by a store wanting me to bring my own bags or bag my own groceries.

            What offends me it when they bag them for me and mash a loaf of bread w/ a melon or overcharge me and I have to go to 'customer service' for a correction.

          2. We keep cloth re-usable bags in the vehicle at all times because most of our stores charge for bags (a few up to 10 cents each). Our pharmacies are also doing the same. I appreciate it because it is a good environmental policy.