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Lobster. How you like it? [moved from Boston]

What is your favorite way to eat lobster aside from the shell or in a roll?

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  1. Yeah, those 2 ways are the best.

      1. Boiled in a big kettle of sea water, eaten outdoors at my favorite Maine lobster pound. With butter.

        1. My Aunt used to make a Thermidore that was outstanding. Commercially, I think the best lobster dish I've ever eaten, believe it or not, is the Lobster Hawthorne at Anthony's Pier 4 of all places. If I remember correctly, it is a 2 lb. lobster stuffed inside another two pound lobster. Remarkably spectacular. Locally, it's hard to beat the butter poached versions at the Brewster Fish House or 28 Atlantic here on the Cape

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            Had Lobster Thermidore in San Andres, Colombia once, many years ago. Still the most memorably good lobster I ever had.

          2. Stir fried with ginger and scallion at Peach Farm or Jasper's pan roasted lobster with chervil and chives.

            Peach Farm
            4 Tyler St, Boston, MA 02111

            1. Butter poached, tied for #1 with Chinatown-style ginger and scallion, as well a "bisque" I had once in Maine... Basically huge chunks of claw and knuckle in a relatively thin white creamy broth.

              Both dishes still second fiddle to plain seawater-boiled with butter and lemon dripping down my forearms. 2-1/2 pounder at Roy Moore in Rockport hit the spot recently.

              1. Boiled served with roasted thick cut sweet potato chips and a garlicky aioli.

                1. I'm a purist. Boiled in sea water and eaten straight from the shell on its own.

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                      That was my rule til I'd had it boiled in sea water. If not available I steam, but it's second best. :-)

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                        Agree with you 100%. Sea-water-boiled is the BEST.

                    2. My favorite is either straight up with a little butter on the side or a Connecticut style lobster roll: hot lobster in a toasted New England style hot dog roll with butter. Not cold, NO MAYO, that's how we roll in Connecticut.

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                        Connecticut Yankee here. Warm lobster/melted butter on a roll vs. lobster with mayo on a roll: hmmm, it's all good. It's never an either/or situation for me.

                        Lobster rolls tonight (mayo, chives, celery). I'm test driving Anzio and Sons sub rolls. They're the right size but filled with preservatives. Imported from Pa. We'll see. Butter is in their soon-to-be-toasted-on-the-outside future.

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                          Rolls weren't so hot (brittle when toasted). Fresh corn on the cob was pretty good, lobster chunks with mayo and chives was outstanding.
                          It's summer! Days become shorter now. Make the most of it.

                      2. Either steamed or grilled with a little lemon and black pepper or sauteed with a caramelized mix of black bean sauce, hoisin sauce, sambal and vinegar with ginger, garlic and green onions.

                        1. My favorite way to eat lobster is on someone else's tab

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                            1. I've been looking at a classic lobster thermidor recipe. Labor intensive, ridiculously rich and, of course, It's French.
                              I may have to do this.

                              1. steamed or boiled(sea water)-drawn butter-lemon.Pure & simple-Delish!

                                1. Lobster ravioli made with won ton skins, and the shells used to make an amazing-smelling bisque that is used as a sauce. It takes about two hours to make appetizer portions for 4, and it's gone in 10 minutes....but it's so worth it ! The smell while the sauce is being made drives everyone close by crazy. Seriously good !