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Jun 19, 2011 10:42 AM

Le Bouchon des Filles lyon - anyone been?

our wonderful b&b in lyon
is recommending this bouchon...but i can't find much about it. has anyone heard of it or been there? seems unusual only in that it's run by two women.

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  1. Hi knh,
    My husband and I were there last October. It was wonderful. I had the hanger steak (the best ever in France) and my husband had the blood sausage. We enjoyed it very much and I definitely recommend it.

    1. I know where it is, in a narrow little street around the corner from pretty Place Sathonay but don't know any locals who've been. I'll ask a friend this morning who lives in the neighbourhood.

      Have you thought of going to Tetedoie (seeing as you're on a mammoth gourmet tour!) - incredible views of the city? Or Balthaz'art, which is at the top of the steps leading up to the Croix Rousse - great restaurant - and one of the best views of Lyon too. (from outside the resto.) Same league and quality of food as Potager des Halles, which is still one of my top tables here - been twice in the last month and it's always a great time.

      1. Hi again
        Having spoken to my friend (who is French) , am pleased to report that she has in fact been there more than 5 times and loves it. She explained it as being a 'modern twist on Lyonnais cooking'. There's no choice of starter, but a choice of around 5 main courses and desserts. Very local restaurant. NOT a typical bouchon, if that's what you're looking for, despite the name.

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        1. re: EatDrinkLyon

          EDL _ thank you so much! now here's my dilemna. we have 4 nights in Lyon and here's the current line up:
          Daniel et Denise
          La Mere Brazier
          Le Gourmet deSeze

          Do i get rid of one of these to get to Le Bouchon des Filles? Want to support female chefs and love finding a new, hidden gem!!
          what would you do?

          1. re: knh

            OK. It's not the the style of food I prefer, so have not eaten at any of these except Nord.

            However, said *other* friend who was at Troisgros this weekend and Pic last, has also eaten at La Mere Brazier twice in 6 months (including last week) and also at Daniel and Denise. She MUCH preferred La Mere B to D&D, which she wasn't that enamoured with. I have no experience with Gourmet de Seze. Always think about going, but never do.

            Bouchon des Filles is a very local restaurant, and it's tucked away in a back street and is meant to be very good. It depends if you want to mix with locals and are confident to do so, or would prefer a restaurant which is a little more used to foreigners I suppose. Personally, if you're brave enough to face the locals and you like boudin noir etc, I'd give it a go, because the others are ones that everyone else goes to....and this is bouchon food 'revisited'.

            Nord is more bustling, is always busy, and is amongst lots of other cafés etc, but a bit soulless really. You would be guaranteed a good meal, but formulaic - but in my opinion Potager des Halles, either of Thomas's restaurants, or Le Bec or the gastronomy of Tetedoie would all be MUCH better and more memorable choices, with more atmosphere and personal touch. Kick off Nord - and possibly Daniel and Denise (similar in style to Bouchon des F, no?) and try Bouchon des Filles, La Mere B, and two others...

            I guess it's a bit like Paris - I watch these boards and everyone chooses the same restaurants, when there are really some other quite exceptional places. In the end, everyone has different reasons for trying places and different palates, which I respect. It all depends what mood you're in, and what atmosphere you enjoy, I guess!

            Hope this helps. Happy to.

            1. re: EatDrinkLyon

              EDL, I think OP is choosing Nord for their Sunday evening dinner. I wouldn't for many of your reasons, but that's where I think she's going with it.... Someone above mentioned the Bocuse brasseries were open on Sundays. Me, I'd be going to Leon de Lyon... no secret. ;)

              1. re: ChefJune

                Well, I'm following EDL's adivce! and probably OP should too!
                EDL - thank you so much. sunday eve at Le Bouchon des Filles (they're open that night!); thursday at Balthaz'art (the day we arrive - we'll need the walk!), Mere Brazier for my husband's birthday and we'll try Le Gourmet de Seze just so we can tell you how it is.
                with many thanks - EDL - you rock!!

              2. re: EatDrinkLyon

                see post in reply to June....but I agree with your perspective. trouble is...we like everything. high end, low end, bread and cheese bought at the saturday market for a picnic later that afternoon.
                you are phemonenally helpful - and we're both brave, so off to bouchon des filles and thank you again for being so generous and informative.

                1. re: knh

                  You're so welcome. I feel so lucky to live here - it's a joy to be able to help out and perhaps enable others to get the most out of this gorgeous town, which has so much more to offer....I think you've made the absolute right choices and I'm sure you'll enjoy!

                  I'm not sure if you saw, but BDF is also on same site as Bathaz'art - and you can see the menu too.

                  Take a look at my site if you want other ideas for places for wine or a plate of ham etc, or less expensive lunches/healthy snacks, or feel free to email me directly (address is on blog, not sure if I can post here!) and I would be more than happy to help you while you're here if you want any advice. I haven't updated it for a while and there are other little wine places, and an excellent new ice-cream place I'd be willing to direct you to! Local knowledge is always useful, I find, and I'm always exploring new spots, which open here *all the time*. In any case, have a wonderful time. Maybe we'll unknowingly be in the same spot ;)

          2. I'd bet that we were the only non-native French speaking tourists in Le Bouchon des Filles the night we were there. My husband is fluent and I can make my way through ordering at least, so that may have helped. I just know that we were pleasantly surprised as I am a devoted France Chow forum reader and I couldn't find any mention of the place here...I found it on another French Lyon resto site. I am happy to hear of other positive experience, from locals no less. The description as a Lyonnaise boucihon with a twist is exactly what I would have said!
            Lyon was wonderful and hopefully we will up for us though is Burgundy and Paris.
            Please report back!

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            1. re: sistereurope

              thanks sister europe! we're going sunday eve (OMG that's this sunday eve!!) and are really looking forward to it. i promise a report back!
              our b7b is also recommending clovis....any thoughts? instead of gourmet de s. or mere brazier???

              1. re: knh

                I would recommend switching out Gourmet de Seze for Clovis. I have heard good things about it (I think someone on this board has also eaten there but I can't be sure.) A sommelier friend of mine only last week was trying to persuade me to eat there, and I trust his recommendations. Don't lose your Mere B reservation though! However, both GDS and Clovis have excellent reviews - I think it really would come down to which dining room you prefer the look of. GDS appears a little more formal and refined - whilst Clovis seems more relaxed, modern and fun while maintaining high culinary standards.

                i'm sure either would be good!

                1. re: EatDrinkLyon

                  am trying for Clovis - we really would prefer relaxed and fun, especially after the night before at Mere B. but having Gourmet de S as our "fall back" plan isn't so bad!

                  and June...promise to make a full report (from one NYer to another!) on Le B. des Filles before you go. so many little time.....

            2. Putting Le Bouchon des Filles on my MUST list for November. ;)