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Jun 19, 2011 09:48 AM

pork chop on the grill

Any good ideas for a meal around grilled pork chops? I'm thinking some grilled sw.eet potatoes as a side. just not sure what i want to do with the chops

i usually do them in the pan with a mustard sauce but that seems too heavy and more for winter/fall.

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  1. i usually just rub them with some fresh thyme from my garden, salt and pepper 'em and throw them on the grill sometimes i'll drizzle them with olive oil and maybe a squeeze of lemon.

    1. I love to glaze porkchops with maple chipotle glaze. made with Maple syrup, chipotle powder, salt, black pepper, and butter. reduce in saucepan then pour over chops. try adding other spices as well

      1. I had some last night rubbed with dried mustard and black pepper, then grilled. They were great. Served with german potato salad and cauliflower"roasted" on the grill in tin foil and an arugula salad.

        1. Salt and pepper the chops and grill one side. Take a branch of fresh rosemary and throw it into the coals. Flip the chops then put the lid on the 'que to contain the smoke. I usually make a white corn salsa to go with.

          1. I did large grilled "chops" cut from a boneless loin marinated for a short while in olive oil, rosemary, fresh oregano, s&p, grated lemon peel & lemon juice. The plan was to serve surrounded by polenta with gorgonzola and a matriciana sauce, but my polenta was stale & off tasting, so I just did the chops & sauce, the latter consisting of guanciale, red onion, olive oil, tomatoes & a good dose of dried chile flakes then pureed to a fine texture. Made for an attractive plate with the grill marked chop on top of the bright red sauce.