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Jun 19, 2011 09:46 AM

I need some Cupcake advice...

Next Sunday, I'm making cupcake for a party:

1. Black Bottom
2. Magnolia vanilla cupcakes (I've made these before...wonderful) with their vanilla, milk, confectioners' sugar and butter frosting (I don't remember using this frosting recipe). I want something that will do a nice swirl.

Should I make them the day before OR the morning of the event? How do I keep them fresh? If I make the vanilla ones the day before, I could wait to frost until the morning.

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  1. If you're concerned about time, I'd make and frost them the day before and refrigerate in an airtight container. The frosting helps keep the cupcakes moist so I would frost them as soon as they cool completely. Cover as much of the cupcake as you can.

    1. It depends on how many cupcakes you're making. Is it a big party? If so, you may want to make them the day before, cool, frost, and refrigerate, then let them come to room temperature before serving. Cupcakes are always going to be better freshly baked, however. So, if your party is small, and you're only making one or two dozen, consider making them the morning of the party. Of course, you'll also consider when the party starts and how much other prep and cook you have. You didn't say whether it's a party you're throwing or one you're attending, but if it's the only task you have to do in preparation, and you're not baking dozens of cupcakes, I'd opt to bake that morning. You'll know whether or not that's feasible better than I. If it's a lunchtime affair, I'd definitely opt for the day before the party.

      1. I think you'll be fine to make them the day before. I do that often, and store them (frosted) in an airtight container in the fridge, allowing about 2 hours for them to come to room temp before serving. I do have one friend who covers the tops of hers with a thin, flat layer of frosting and then makes a fresh batch of frosting before serving and decorates with that to give the frosting a fresh taste.

        I've only ever had a few cakes that were markedly drier when made and stored the day before. I think that the flavors taste great the next day.

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          I won't have enough room to store them in the fridge. I'm making about 4 dozen. I just have to take them downstairs and outside in back. My daughter is making chicken legs on grill (Indian style) and Indian snack foods and I guess guests will bring something. I'm also making pimento-cheese and ranch dressing and raw veggies so veggies will take up room in fridge. (Oh yes, 3 doz deviled eggs -- people always love these.)

          It's in the afternoon, for about 40 people. Guess I'll just get up early and make everything then.

          1. re: walker

            I think 4 dozen is easily do-able the morning of, if you bake often and don't have a lot of morning prep/set up for the party. But, I know I'm always out straight, especially with that many people coming. You could bake them and keep them in an air tight container at room temperature, unfrosted. Pick a frosting that you can make the day before, too, and refrigerate only that. Frost the morning of, as you'd planned.

            Although, I'd be more inclined to make the deviled eggs but not stuff them (have whites in a container, egg yolk mix in a zip lock bag) the day before. That would save you refrigerator space. It would be super quick to stuff the eggs before serving.

            1. re: chowser

              Yes, I think what I'm making is manageable; I'll be upstairs in my quiet sanctuary baking while daughter and her husband are going crazy preparing downstairs/outside.

              I'm glad the black bottom cupcakes are easy, no frosting to worry about. Since the cream cheese stuff is baked, is there no need to refrigerate if I make these the night before? I don't want people to get sick, so maybe I should just bake everything the day of.