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Jun 19, 2011 09:17 AM

What Barbeque is best, Charcoal, Gas or Electric?

I've been contemplating the whole barbeque buying idea for weeks now, trying to decide between charcoal (food sure tastes better), gas (it's far easier to keep clean and quicker to ignite) and finally electric (oh, this is far less carcinogenic, and less scary!) ..............But I can't decide !

I would love some ideas as to what is best, and if it is gas, what model should I get? I like the Weber Genesis :)

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  1. (this thread will probably be moved ... )

    I like gas, just for the simplicicity of it; coming from work, light it up, and it's quick to heat and put someinthg on it and be done with it.

    with charcoal, you have to think about it and get it going (and it's a mess to clean)

    Electric, I don't know, i never experienced with one.

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      Yes, the thread was moved... Thanks for the head's up and for your comments..:)

      1. Which is best?

        They all have their place.

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          I guess you're right, but I'd like to stick to 1 choice :)

          I have plenty of room in the back yard so size isn't an issue, but I cook for 1 most times (me).. In my research they all seem to have a dark side to them. Gas / charcoal get bad rap for their carcinogenic properties. Electric all look flimsy in they way they are built, and the fact you don't quite get any flavor from using them.. well ...: ( I was curious how most people felt about all that, and what choice people make in the end ......

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            The bigger question is what are you planning to cook? Just grilling or do you want to smoke real low and slow bbq?

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              I cook for one or two most of the time and I use charcoal. Doesn't take long to light w/a chimney starter. FWIW, I have a Weber Kettle Grill and a Meco Aussie Walkabout grill. I find it pretty easy to do quick weeknight meals. And I just learned a new trick--for one steak or burger or anything like that, you can simply use the chimney starter as a grill (putting the food on a grate over the chimney starter). Learned that on another CH thread.

              That said, other friends of mine prefer the ease of gas. I've had delicious food with both. Don't know of anyone with an electric one.

          2. it depends on your need and what's allowed to you based on where you live (e.g. electric works nicely on apartment balconies).

            I'm partial to Napoleon myself, but if you like the Weber Genesis, that's what you should get.

            1. lump charcoal

              We have 2 big green egg smokers, a lodge cast iron hibachi and a steel grill but that has been relegated to storing the hibachi in since we got the Eggs LOL.

              I've had weber charcoal grills before and it's a great grill to get your feet wet without a big investment. I don't care one iota about the so called carcinogens of charcoal and I'm cancer survivor. I'm in it for the flavor.

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                Weber kettles for me. I use mine year-round in S. Ontario's gorgeous/awful weather. Nearby fruit orchards supply wood for smoking. My small Weber takes a large-ish Spanish paella pan perfectly.