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Jun 19, 2011 09:06 AM

Pizza/Grimaldi's ?

just awaiting your input for this 'Brooklyn' style Pizza house in PB me it is in a class by itself.

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  1. I haven't been yet but they were packed last night. I think they may have been open for around a week now. If anyone goes, please report back. Thanks.

    1. They seem to be an affiliation with the original Grimaldi's in NY/Brooklyn, calling it a sister restaurant. I don't think I've ever had bad coal fired pizza. Most places that care enough about their product to have a coal fired oven seem to put enough effort into making a good pizza, both via ingredients and technique.

      1. It's in a class by itself because all they serve is high priced pizza. There's nothing on the menu but plain pizzas of 3 types, calzones, and salads.....that's it! No sandwiches, pasta, or anything else to offer to those who don't want pizza. The wine list is much more extensive than the menu.

        Pizzas are personal ($9), small ($14), and large ($16) in 3 varieties of cheese, white, and pesto. They offer no specialty pizzas whatsoever. You have to create your own pizza by adding toppings $2 to $4 each. Get a small pizza with 3 toppings and you are hitting $22 for a 16 inch.

        The pizza is very good, no doubt about it. The crust is perfect, sauce is good, and the mozzarella they use is very good. But for the cost and the very limited offerings, I much prefer Anthony's or Carmines. If anyone in your party doesn't care for pizza, they better enjoy a salad for dinner or you will have to go elsewhere.

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          I think this is from Patsy Grimaldi in Brooklyn . 10 years ago he broke away from the family in Harlem...They sued over the name Patsys... then sued again after he named it Patsy Grimaldi's .. Now it's just Grimaldi's..... You can never get in under the brooklyn Bridge and parking really bites!....did not know he franchised/or opened other locations....

          Pizza there was always very good to excellent depending on whether Patsy was actually slinging the pies that night!

        2. Went last Friday for lunch. As freakerdude states just pizza, salad& calzone. I believe this is the same choices as thier Bklyn Bridge location. It is a franchised location. Frank from the NY location was there last week. John the owner& manager was friendly to all who entered and service was very good.

          The pizza's are good the same as NY and the crust was very crisped and crunchy. All in All they do make a great pie. Their house salad is very good also with right amount of dressing.

          It in my view it gives Anthony's down the road a run for its money. (I only wish parking was easier)

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          1. re: pickytoo

            Parking really can't be any easier for the north end of the complex, especially through the week. If the lot west of the theater is full, you have the multi level parking decks on the north side of the complex. Grimaldi's is just a short walk away.

            Now if you are trying to park for the Yardhouse or Cabo Flats, you will be walking twice as far.

          2. Checked out the new Grimaldi's in WPB on Clematis which is in a very nice location at the watefront. Large standard pizza with three toppings and two glasses of wine was $48. Pizza came out to be $27 by itself. Good pizza but way overpriced. I doubt I will ever go back again.