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Baking Sheet with rack?

I see cooks on food network often using baking sheets with a rack inside them to keep the food off the bottom of the pan. What are these? I have not seen them in the stores. Are they using a baking pan with a cooling rack insterted in them? If so, how can you be sure the cooling rack you buy will fit in the baking sheet you already have or buy? Can they be bought as a set?

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  1. The ones I've seen come as a set. If you belong to Costco look there. I bought my set which includes 2 baking sheets (nice, heavy ones), a rack and a plastic cover (which I never have used so far) for less than $20.

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      The plastic covers are awesome for putting the racks in ( flip the top over) to cool baked goods, they are also great for covering the racks when freezing foods individually like berries on sheet pans before transferring to another container. I use my lids almost more than I use the pans.

    2. I use a half sheet which is 13x18 and add a 12x17 cooling rack. They have many on Amazon. I sometimes use a quarter sheet and add a smaller rack to it. I already had 10 half sheets so just added the racks.

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      1. "Are they using a baking pan with a cooling rack insterted in them?"

        Pretty sure.

        "If so, how can you be sure the cooling rack you buy will fit in the baking sheet you already have or buy?"

        Like nojunk said, you can usually find them sold as a set (a set of baking sheet with cooling rack). That being said, you can buy the rack separately and you just have to look for the correct dimension.

        1. I've long used racks and sheet pans bought separately. They just fit, so there must be some industry standard. Of course, it pays to double-check. But I'm sure you can get compatible racks and/or pans at any Target store or wherever.

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            There are standard sizes of sheet pans and baking racks that will fit them (full sheet, half sheet, etc), and you will find these in restaurant supply stores. But a "cooling rack" sold at Target or Sur la Table may or may not be a standard size, and even if it is, the name should be a clue as to what is is designed for. As noted in other posts, if you don't buy at a resto supply store you should buy a set or bring a tape to the store and measure.

            As for stainless steel racks, they may exist, but I've never seen one. Plated is all I've come across.

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              Even from a restaurant supply store you can end up with a slight mismatch in size.

            2. I bought my half-sheet pans at a restaurant supply store. They're 18" x 13" measured at the top (they have a slight upward taper). I found cooling racks at a retail cooking store that fit perfectly in the half-sheet pans. The cooling racks measure 16-1/8" x 11-3/4".

              1. Yep, I've bought them in sets with lids and the racks at Costco. I absolutely love these sheet pans.

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                  Thanks, I will check Bed Bath and Beyond. (Would rather see them than order) I have a cheap cookie sheet/baking pan that I baught recently. Warps and twist the first time you heat it up. Would like to find something a little heavier duty.

                  I am guessing that any of the cooling racks can also be used for baking?

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                    Be careful - some cooling racks have a non-stick like coating on them that may not be safe in the oven. But stainless steel racks will defintiely work in the oven - I use them to bake biscotti.

                2. Because only quarter sheets will fit into the 24" oven here, it was a lot harder to find stainless racks that fit them. But when I did, a lot of kinds of prep became much easier, and it's great to be able to cook things on them (like bacon) to keep the food from sitting in the fat while roasting.

                  The quarter-sheet pans are 9 x 13", and the racks that fit are 8" x 12". I found the racks on ebay.

                  In the ideal world, I'd find racks that would fit in a 10" x 15" jelly roll pan, to make slightly more efficient use of the small space available here.

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                    Zeldog is correct about the composition of the racks; purely stainless ones may exist, but mine and most I've seen are chrome-plated metal (steel?).

                    And paulj is absolutely correct about the mismatch. Lately I've been on a search for 8" x 12" racks for quarter sheet pans, and can only find 8" x 10" versions, whether at restaurant supply houses or elsewhere. Those work, and would be much better than nothing, but they slide around in the pan more and don't give you the full benefit of the (already limited) space available. Quarter sheets are nowhere near as often used in U.S. kitchens as half sheets, because little ovens are less common here than 30" and up versions.

                    For those of you who've worked in commercial kitchens, are quarter sheets used much, and if so, for what? I was somewhat surprised to see what looked like quarter sheets being used by a collection of superstar chefs to prep food for an extremely fancy dinner in New Orleans. What would be the advantage over half or full sheets in that situation? (several hundred guests)

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                      My misfit was in the other direction. The rack I bought at one supply store was just a bit too large for the pans that I bought at another. It works, but doesn't sit flat on the bottom of the pan, resting instead on the tapered sides. If I had to do it again, I would have done a test fit at the store, and buy a matched pair.

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                        I feel your pain. Inspired by watching Alton Brown, just as the original poster is, I ordered through Amazon a Chicago Metallic half-sheet and a Chicago Metallic rack that appeared to be the same dimensions, and were being sold as a set.

                        Failure all the way around: Not only did I discover that half-sheets won't fit into the 24" oven here, but the 'set' wouldn't even prove useful to me for prep, because the rack was too large for the pan. Ended up donating them to a silent auction, tied together with a beautiful ribbon and a few other handy baking items. Took me another couple of years of intermittent searching to find quarter sheet racks and pans that the seller guaranteed fit each other (including a reassuring photo of same).

                        These days, though, I'm thinking about getting a sturdy (13 gauge if possible) half sheet to use as a tray during prep.

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                          I use half sheets for things other than baking - such as drip pan under the sink. Inverted one serves as a base for a hot plate. In a pinch one could be used as a drip pan under a car.

                          1. re: paulj

                            I use them for a multitude of art projects, plants and drying herbs and other items. My husband takes them too. I use them in my frig as pull out shelves to keep stuff from getting lost in the back. I get down to just a few in the rack.

                  2. Wear-Ever Half Size Heavy Duty Sheet Pan (13 gauge) by Vollrath - Model 5314


                    CIA 23304 Masters Collection 12 Inch x 17 Inch Wire Cooling Rack, Chrome Plate Steel


                    If you combine that baking sheet with that rack, you will have an absolutely perfect fit.

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                    1. re: NotJuliaChild

                      Oh NotJuliaChild, Thank You for the links! My oven is old and small. Inside is only about 18 inches deep x 16 to 161/2 inches wide. So I think this pan would fit fine as long as the measurements are outside measurements. I have a cheap cookie sheet that has handles on each end that makes it too long for my oven to get the door completely shut. But the rolled rims should not add much to the size.

                      I keep seeing these pans with racks on food network. Looks like the racks fit perfectly. But no one ever mentions where to get them. And I don't see them for sale on the food network website.

                      1. re: dixiegal

                        Restaurant supply stores sell them. Stores like Costco and Samsclub also sell them (for as low as $5 each). And they can be bought on line. There 3 basic sizes, full, half, and quarter. The half sheet size works well in most home ovens, though yours might only take quarter sheet pans.

                        Restaurants, and especially hotel kitchens, use wheel racks that hold dozens of the full sheet pans.

                    2. Reviving this thread because I'm not finding quarter sheet pans with racks that fit. I'm finding racks that are about an inch narrower and three inches shorter than the standard quarter sheet pan. Even in professional cookware catalogs all I'm finding is 8" X 10" racks to fit a 9" X 13" pan. Is there no such thing as a quarter size pan with a rack to fit?

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                        If there is, I have not yet found it. Quite discouraging since I could really use a few now that our household has gotten smaller.

                        1. re: JoanN

                          From this same seller in 2007, I bought this pair of racks that fit perfectly into 9x13 (quarter sheet) pans:

                          For less than half the price, I've seen what appears to be the same thing from a restaurant supply place (that I've bought other items from and been happy with). Can't guarantee results as I can with the ebay seller, but here it is:

                          1. re: ellabee

                            Thanks for this, ellabee. I had found the ones from the webrestaurantstore, but if I was reading it correctly, you have to buy a dozen of them. And $15 a rack seems like a helluva lot (especially assuming the ebay seller is buying them a dozen at a time from the restaurant store). But since I've seen nothing else . . . . Gonna have to think about that. May just have to bite the bullet.

                            1. re: JoanN

                              I meant to say something about the prices at webstaurant -- they give the price for a dozen, but you can buy just one or two; the per-piece price is just higher (not a lot higher, and certainly not $15). I think if you go through the buying process, the onesy-twosy price shows up before you have to commit to purchasing. I'm 95% sure they're the same item as from the ebay seller.

                              If you have a little list of cookware / utensil needs, poke around the webstaurant site a bit -- the shipping can be a lot lower per item if you get a number of things that will all travel in the same box.

                              1. re: JoanN

                                Currently out of stock. I have submitted an email address to be notified when they have some.

                            2. re: JoanN

                              The quarter sheet pans are now in stock at webstaurant.com. I ordered a bunch. Shipping is quite high, but you know, I need these racks!


                              1. re: smtucker

                                Wow. Shipping IS high, isn't it? Doesn't matter. Been looking for these racks for forever. Just happy to have found them.

                                  1. re: smtucker

                                    The racks arrived yesterday via FedEx. They were packed in a liquor box which was a bit odd, but packed so that they didn't seem to get crushed.

                                    First impression is that they are not as heavy duty as my current half sheet pans racks which I bought at a restaurant supply company and are incredibly sturdy. One of the six is not flat, but I encouraged it and it is now almost flat. The racks have four little "feet" so that they sit above the floor of the pan as expected. Because the racks have a small grid, the racks don't nest when stacked but are the feet's distance from each other. Obviously, the feet are a bigger dimension than the space between the grids. They are certainly sturdy enough to hold some steaks for aging, or chicken parts that are being marinated.

                                    The racks fit perfectly into a quarter sheet pan. Just perfect. Delighted to have them, and they will be used almost immediately.

                                    1. re: smtucker

                                      Mine arrived yesterday as well. They could use some quality control in the manufacturing process. I bought two racks: on one them, the cross supports aren't parallel; one bar curves inward before being soldered to the outer rim. And on the other, a few of the wires of the grid are sort of knocked off square. I thought it odd, but it won't mater in terms of utility, so I'm keeping them. And just happy to have something, finally, that fits my quarter sheet pans.

                                      1. re: JoanN

                                        Many happy years of prep and cooking to the both of you!

                                        The arrival of my quarter sheets + racks changed my cooking for the better as much as almost anything I've ever acquired. They're hugely helpful in a ton of different tasks -- resting dredged or crumbed proteins or patties, making bacon in the oven, warming cooked fritters in a low oven while frying the rest of the batch, resting/draining salted eggplant, cooling baked items, resting roasts...

                                        1. re: ellabee

                                          I have been so happy with my half-sheet pan racks, that adding the quarter sheet pan is a treat. I dry brined a chicken on one today. The perfect size for a 3 lb chicken!

                                          I fully expect to get lots of use of these quarter sheet pan racks.

                            3. Calphalon has a sheet pan and rack set. I got it at Macy's. The rack fits in the pan perfectly. I think they are also sold separately.