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Jun 19, 2011 05:55 AM

Produce/Meat Bergen County Area

I searched and there was some relevant stuff, but it seemed a little dated. Sorry if I missed something.

Anyway i just moved to Wood Ridge and have been hunting for places to get some fresh produce/meat at decent prices. Normally I'd look for Farmers Markets to support local business and get decent prices on things, but information on them has been sketchy at best. Ideally I'd like some grass fed or free range meat/eggs - thus far Whole Foods in Paramus has been the only place that fit the bill.

I've wandered over to the Rutherford Farmers Market and the one in Englewood, and while there was some good stuff there, they're a lot smaller than what I'm used to seeing. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a large farmers market in the area (Don't mind driving a bit). Maybe large isn't the right word, but some place where I can get te majority of my produce, eggs, dairy and meat.

Also, what's the deal with these stores along 17 that are labeled as Farmers Markets? They're open 365 and seem to carry the same produce as the supermarkets, is that the case? Any reason to go to one of those places over a conventional grocer?

I'd also be interested in a good butcher in the area and maybe a rec for a gourmet grocer? I may head over to Corrados in Clifton today (I loved the one in Wayne), and HMart is really nice for certain things.

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  1. Welcome to the neighborhood, Sherlok! Corrado's in Wayne is terrific....the one in Clifton can get very, very busy....just a warning. You must try Fairway Market on Route 17 in will love it for produce, eggs, dairy, deli, meats and fish. Many folks like The Market Basket in Franklin Lakes, too, but it is pricy.....they do have very good quality in almost everything, especially fish, meats, deli and produce. All these stores are open daily, but check their websites for times. I know that The Market Basket closes earlier on Sundays. Have fun exploring!

    Market Basket
    813 Franklin Lakes Rd, Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417

    Fairway Market
    34 E Ridgewood Ave, Paramus, NJ 07652

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    1. re: maryanne06

      On your rec I ran out and checked out Fairway, what an awesome place - while I'm not a coffee drinker, the coffee area was absolutely fantastic. Their cheese selection was great as well. Also like how they have different sauces/oils/vinegars out for sampling. Took a friend with me and he said he'd probably turn that into his primary shopping place. Thanks again.

      1. re: sherlok

        Avoid their pre wrapped cheese, which is generally on its way out or plain bad.

        I don't know of many grass fed beef options other than Fairway and Whole Foods, but Westwood Prime meats is a great butcher shop. Fir pork and German selections try the Swiss Pork Store in Fairlawn.

        The route 17 Farmers market has never impressed me. Try the proper farmers markets in Hawthorne and Tenafly for exceptional shopping.

        For fish try Peters in midland park. Fairway does not excel here.

        1. re: tommy

          I like Market Basket for seafood. You'll pay for it, but it's fresh.

          Peter's has a a very limited selection of fish for a seafood market.

          1. re: Snorkelvik

            Oh, but because their wholesale business is so big, if you call ahead, you can get pretty much whatever you like.

    2. Welcome to the area! You're off to a good start. Corrado's is great for produce and meat, and so is Fairway. Fairway has raised their prices quite a bit over the past several months though. Still, there are deals to be had. You may also want to check out Maywood Market. They're a lot smaller than Corrado's or Fairway, but they still have a nice variety of stuff at reasonable prices. Keep in mind that the Corrado's locations in Wayne and Clifton are quite a bit different, even though they sell a lot of the same items. The Clifton crowd is more working class, while the Wayne crowd is more upper-middle-class, and the selections at the stores reflect the different clienteles. The Wayne store has more prepared foods available, and more higher-end products. Clifton has some of these too, but they also sell a lot of stuff that you wouldn't find in the Wayne store (giant bags of chicken legs, lower-end, cheaper deli meats, etc.) I personally prefer the Wayne location overall, although Clifton is great too.

      There are a lot of farmers' markets in the area, but I'm not too familiar with the ones in Southern Bergen County. If you're willing to drive 20-25 minutes up Route 17, the market in Ramsey on Sundays in the summer is absolutely awesome, with about 30 different vendors. They have honey vendors, several baked good vendors, coffee and tea vendors, pasta vendors, goat cheese vendors, and oh yeah, quite a few produce vendors too.

      And, although this isn't a recommendation for a grocery store, if you're living in Wood-Ridge and you don't feel like cooking, you've gotta get the best buffalo wings in Bergen County and a pulled rib sandwich from Buffalo's Chicken Shack on Hackensack Ave. They are awesome!

      Chicken Shack
      1005 Bergen St, Newark, NJ 07112

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      1. re: zhelder

        Yea just checked out Fairway, awesome place but there were a few things I skipped over because they seemed a bit pricey (avocado's for one). Thanks for the Corrados difference insight, not something I would have thought of. Can't wait to check it out though.

        While I'd love to have something a little closer, that's not too bad of a drive if it's got a decent turnout. Easily doable on a nice weekend. Also, Buffalos is only a few blocks from me, so that will be happening. Not use to the number of quality food places in the area (coming from western jersey), so the to-eat backlog just grows and grows.

        Thanks for the info.

        1. re: sherlok

          Corrado's produce in Clifton is low price, but low quality as well...

          1. re: menton1

            I second on Peter's Fish Market in Midland Park. It's the best in the area by far.

            1. re: menton1

              My experience with Corrado's produce while excellent in taste, is sold for immediate consumption!

              1. re: RUK

                I second RUK. If you don't eat the Corrado produce ASAP it will go bad. The produce at Fairway seems to keep much longer and to me, appears a better quality.

          2. re: zhelder

            I agree that Ramsey's Farm Market is one of the best. The drive shouldn't be too bad on a Sunday as there is limited shopping on Route 17.

            For fresh eggs and poultry, you can try the Goffle Road Poultry Farm in Hawthorne which has all types of fresh poultry. Also Abma's farm in Wyckoff has farm raised chickens and eggs. They actually supply several local restaurants with produce and poultry.

            1. re: jerseydiner

              Also, if you are in the area of Goffle Farm and Abmas, I am in love with the Nicolas Market in Haledon. Alyssa O'Dowd is now the pastry chef there, they have great meat, including dry aged porterhouses cut to order. Small and lovely. Great cheese department too.

          3. For meats- I really love the Swiss Pork store in Fair Lawn or Farmview (i think that is what it is called) in Pompton Lakes. Both are local butchers, great meats and helpful workers. The only difference is that the prices in Pompton Lakes are so so much better.
            Fairway is great for coffee, cheeses, and sauces. I haven't been that excited about their meat department lately.
            For fish, I agree either Peters Fish Market or Off the Hook

            Off the Hook
            1 State Route 36, Highlands, NJ 07732

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            1. re: scholar399

              Grew up in Fair Lawn. When I was working at Foodtown, you could smell the SPS smoking almost on a daily basis. Later, after working for Frank Drahouzel across the street at the Dutch House, he would send me across the street to the SPS for his daily provisions for the lunch crowd on the weekend. SPS was always crowded, but had the best in town.

              1. re: njmarshall55

                Gosh, that was when we had three grocery stores in Radburn. Now, sadly, not a one! The Dutch still buys its meat at the SPS and it is as great as ever. I use them all the time for home and the restaurant!

                1. re: Picnicchef

                  I'll make sure to stop in Picnic next time I'm in town.Grew up in Fair Lawn...60's and 70's. You have some good fans in fellow Hounders.

                  1. re: njmarshall55

                    My next door neighbor growing up was Mr. Rothermel, the principal of HS

            2. My huband and I go to the Montclair Farmer's market on Saturdays, 10am-2pm (Walnut st. railroad station). Produce, plus fresh fish, fantastic kielbasa and pierogies, cheese and, of course the obligatory pickle booth.

              In lower Bergen, Passaic, there are lots of Polish meat purveyors.
              Great kielbasa.

              1. I know this is an older thread but if any of you out there have an up-date info on great stores, farms, CSAs, markets, etc. - please post. I am new in the area and trying to find great places to shop for fresh, organic, local food at decent prices. Cheers!

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                1. re: herby

                  Here is a list of CSA's in NJ, many of which are organic.

                  I'd also recommend checking out the Organic Consumers Association, for farms in your area.

                  and farmer's Pal

                  as well as NOFA (Northeast Organic Farmer's Association)

                  Here is a list of Community Farmer's Markets in Bergen County:

                  For roadside markets in Bergen County see;

                  For pick your own farms see:

                  Note: on the NJ Dept of agriculture site you can search by county, so if you are willing to drive a little further, you can find great local produce in neighboring communities.

                  1. re: PuniceaRana

                    PR, you are a wealth of information - many-many thanks! I will check out the sites that you linked and NJ DofA - hopefully will find something not too far. There is a decent little farmers market in Suffern but it is on Saturday which is great to take the little ones out but not to shop for the weekend. I would love to find free range eggs, chicken, turkey, meats, etc. and do not mind a longish once-a-week drive to get all that I need.