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Jun 19, 2011 05:03 AM

Toscani's -- Dayton, OH

I finally got to Toscani's the other day. It is owned by the same guy that owns Palermo's. Palermo's is one of my favorite places in Dayton. Toscani's is really good, too, but it doesn't have the great pizzas of Palermo's.

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  1. The lack of pizza disappoints me, as I think Palermo's Sicilian is the best pizza in the area. When I tried Toscani's, my friend wanted her chicken well done (past food poisoning has made her a bit squemish toward anything but well cooked meat of any kind) so my gnocchi was prepared accordingly so they could be served at the same time. It was excellent.

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      I have been there twice; the first a couple of days after they opened and then just last week. Both visits have been enjoyable and the food and service have been very good. I will continue to patronize them in the future. I do wish they had room for a pizza oven in the kitchen though.