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Jun 18, 2011 11:20 PM

Dessert and Shakes at D&A Cafe

The night owls from the Dong Bei Mama chowdown Thursday went for dessert afterwards at the D&A Cafe on Clement. Their fresh watermelon juice (a bargain at $1.55) and the mango pudding with condensed milk ($1.75) were excellent as usual. psb and Curtis ordered shakes (strawberry and lychee), which I'd never had, and they were both delicious and clearly used fresh fruit. IIRC, partha tried to order two more things that they didn't have, so maybe one can rely on only getting fresh fruit. I also got a "guiling (sp?) pudding" (also $1.75; currently it and the mango have photo ads on the wall), which is some sort of grass jelly. I thought the flavor was faint but liked it, and Melanie thought the flavor was strong but liked it. Red bean ice is also nice ($2.75, but something like $1.25 during one of their three daily hapy hours).

In particular, desserts seem to be more reliable than the savory items. There are some great savory things (if nobody's plugged them here lately, their fried pig intestines is one of my favorite dishes anywhere, and ridiculously cheap during happy hour), but also duds that make me feel queasy and (as at any HK style cafe) dishes that seem to be such poor ideas that I've never considered them. (At least they're all cheap enough to explore.) But all the desserts seem to be good. (I don't know if I've tried any of the tapioca drinks besides the lychee one Curtis ordered.)

Dong Bei Mama
4737 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94118

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  1. Thanks for posting about our apres-chowdown! It had been ages since my last time there, when I'd mostly focused on savory snacks and never been terribly satisfied. The mango pudding had very good flavor intensity even if it was a bit stiff. The Guilin pudding had enough star anise/licorice to make the tip of my tongue numb, and it was almost crisp enough for me. I liked my watermelon juice, but the lichee was better. Later I did see the lady behind the counter opening a can of lychee, so probably not fresh, but we were certainly fooled for a moment. A good stop for bargain snacks and at that hour on a week night, plenty of parking along Clement and side streets.

    D & A Cafe
    407 Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94118

    1. Just to add the lychee drinks were tapioca drinks, not shakes. And they were yummy!

      1. The drinks and dessert at D&A are very good but it should be noted there are two more locations. On Broadway in San Francisco Chinatown and 8th Ave in Oakland Chinatown. A place I go to for a quick cheap meal for one or more.

        I am so glad I was not one that join this group. Too much food in one night.

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          The location on Broadway closed some time ago.

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            Thanks for this update. I ate at the Oakland location last week. So that one is still open.