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Jun 18, 2011 08:54 PM

Olympic Cheese Mart in Markham

Has anyone tried this place? I have never been but I have read that they make really good sandwiches and sell gourmet cheeses and meats.

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  1. I bought cheese from there before and found them ok. Haven"t tried other stuff.
    They have another location in SLM.

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    1. re: ace123

      Thanks, I knew about the other location but it is rather far from me.

    2. It was excellent when I worked in the area a couple of years ago. In fact...better than the SLM location for what I was looking for. They don't suffer fools...and make killer sandwiches which are a great value.

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      1. re: stephen

        You are right, they make killer sandwiches indeed! I went there today and the selection of cheese was endless. The lady at the front was super friendly and made me a fantastic hot salami and old cheddar cheese sandwich that I was extremely impressed with, the best part was it cost less than six bucks! Take that Subway!!!

        1. re: callitasicit

          You're very lucky to have Olympic so near you. Frou-frou cheese places be darned, I love Olympic. Try their reggiano for a parm that'll knock the cover off the ball.