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Jun 18, 2011 08:46 PM

Recommended Stone Fruit Vendors at the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market?

I have had a hard time recently finding good stone fruit. The last really great plum I had was five years ago. Tomorrow I’ll be at the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market looking for a stone fruit fix. Can anyone recommend particular vendors that have been good in the past? Also, is it essential to show up early?

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  1. It's very hard to go wrong with Frog Hollow -- got some cherries from their Ferry Building location this week that were about a third bigger than all the other cherries I've seen this season. Firm and delicious too. Both Rainier and Bing varieties.

    By the way, I purchased the cherries from their set-up inside the building, not outside at the farmers' market.

    1. Is there a Sunday market at Ferry Plaza? I see none on their web site and I regularly attend on Saturday. As operagirl states, Frog Hollow sells at their shop inside the building and I believe that Capay does also, but really don't know about the larger number of farmers that are there at other times. Stone fruits have just started to come into season. It was and is a late spring, and so a late summer.

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        Whoops! My friend suggested we stop by the Farmer's Market after dim sum so I assumed she knew the days. I'm still interested in recommendations for another day (or inside for tomorrow). I'll post another thread to make the question more general.

      2. Kashiwase Farms for peaches and nectarines

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          Kashiwase was selling at the Fort Mason farmers market this Sunday morning.

          I tried all the cherries at the Fort Mason farmers market and purchased Rainiers from Hamada Farms, which also had a great deal of stone fruit. They said that next week will be the last for cherries though.

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            I bought some really good cherries at Walgreens of all places. The Walgreens nearest my office just took out their photo department and put in packaged fresh foods, including fruit. A one-pound clamshell of cherries was $4.99 and they were all firm and delicious. Always fun to find good chow in unexpected places!

        2. this broadens your question--but, having sampled stone fruit @ ferry bldg market and other markets in sf and east bay, i have found that the very best (maybe in the world!) are @ the healdsburg farmer's market @ the dry creek peach farm stand

          1. I'm a Blossom Bluff fan. Since their stand on Tuesday is right next to Frog Hollow I've tasted them back to back, and with the exception of apricots, I think Blossom Bluff is better. Plus, the people who work there seem less snooty.

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              I got an awfully snooty vibe at Frog Hollow's FB location as well. The cherries are good, but you are right, the attitude is not so awesome. Good to know about Blossom Bluff!