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Jun 18, 2011 08:12 PM

Mail order the Atlantic

I actually grew up in Maine, and moved to Toronto a few years back. There are a lot of foods from back home that I really miss, and while I know our areas don't share everything, I was wondering if any of you knew of a place where I'd be able to mail order local food products, like canned clams or oyster crackers. Possibly even canned brown bread or actual /good/ baked beans.

I do know of a few places I could order from in the States (or just have my family mail something up), but I'd prefer to order from within Canada.

Thanks for any assistance. :)

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  1. Hi Precia —

    I'm from Maine, too, and I've found that traditional Atlantic Canadian cookery is fundamentally different from traditional New England fare. Oyster crackers make only an occasional appearance here (seafood chowder is much more common than clam chowder), and the quality of baked beans is dismal... Heinz is pretty much it. I stock up on B&M whenever I'm home. It goes without saying that we don't have any other Maine summer staples like red hot dogs or Moxie.

    Having said all that, Pete's Frootique does offer a (pricey) custom gift basket service, and if you outlined your preferences, I'm sure that could go some way to meeting your needs. But I find it's easiest just to make things myself and put in an order well in advance when relatives are coming to visit.

    1. Being from Atlantic Canada and having traveled to/through Maine many many times, I have to say that our local food traditions are surprisingly different. Sure, there's lots of lobster on both sides of the border, but local canned clams are not that common. From my experience, there is not much of a tradition of canned baked beans - sure, growing up, pretty much all the households I knew had one night a week dedicated to baked beans in molasses with brown/oat bread, but these were not the types of meals that could find their ways easily into some sort of mail order arrangement. Not without a lot of mess.

      I would suggest that you stick to the stuff you know, and engage in a bit of cross-border shopping. I don't think you'll find anything that satisfies your nostalgic urges in Atlantic Canada.