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Jun 18, 2011 07:23 PM

Desserts in Barcelona

Yes, already have a reservation at Espai Sucre.

Meeting friends with young kids in Barcelona, but want to sneak away for some tasty sweets. Looking for a place I can go, sit at the bar and order desserts.

Just saw a picture of a dessert from Moment Restaurant in the Mandarin Oriental that looked amazing. From looking at the menu looks like desserts come in two courses for 25 euro. Is it worth it?

Really want a delicious composed dessert modern or classic presentation.


Espai Sucre
Carrer de la Princesa, 53, Barcelona, CT 08003, ES

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  1. Bubo ( on the plaça Santa Maria del Mar has jewel-like pastries and desserts to take away or eat on the spot - see pic attached - nice as a sequel to a copa at the Vinya del Senyor, followed by pintxos at Euzkal Etxea and/or Sagardí

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    1. re: Sue Style

      Thank you!! I was trying to remember the name of this place. I went to Barcelona a few years ago and discovered this place after I left. Now that I'm going back I was racking my brain (don't get old) trying to remember.

      Your other suggestions are great too.

    2. I have never eaten at Moments but the desserts I had that were part of the tasting menu at Carme Ruscalleda's Sant Pau were excellent: beautifully composed, light and intensely flavor. Worth 25 euro? it really depends on the individual. The desserts are Roca Brothers' Moo are always interesting, light and terrific. I would check if any of the high-end restaurants will serve only desserts in their dining room. Since both of the above are located in hotels, they might serve it at the bar area. Modern Catalan restaurants are the only place one will find intricate composed desserts.

      Comerc24 has interesting dessert and one can definitely order them at the bar.

      Dolso has a wide selection of simple rustic desserts; nothing compose or modern. Skip the rest of the food.

      Paco Meralgo has a small dessert menu such as torrija, crema Catalana, cork (sort of like a baba), canas rellenas. Simple, good and inexpensive.

      If you are into high-end chocolate work, don't miss Enric Rovira, one of the best in Spain. And of course Oriol Balaguer.

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        Thank you PBSF. Excellent options. I was fortunate to eat at the Roca's restaurant in Girona on my last visit to Barcelona. I will try to contact Moments and Moo to see if I can go and eat just desserts.

        I may have lunch at Alkimia while my friends tour La Sagrada Familia

        I love Oriol Balaguer's chocolate shop, but am not familiar with Enric Rovira

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          PBSF can you give me the address of Enric Rovira's chocolate shop? I was looking at his website, but couldn't find it.

          1. re: sugarNspice

            I was at Moments two months ago and had the same dessert. It was good, but the best dessert of my trip back then was from Rias de Galicia - Lychee soup with a scoop of coconut sorbet topped with a few slices of pinapple carpaccio garniched with a few finely shopped pieces of chilli. Absolute heaven.

            1. re: Roysen

              Thank you for the tip about Rias de Galicia, great seafood. It is one of those places that I never thought about ordering dessert. Will definitely consider it when I feel like splurging.

            2. re: sugarNspice

              Enrica Rovira's website:
              When you access the above website, hit the "yellow" color dot on the bottom of the page for his profile, history and various information. I think it is only in Castellano. The other color dot is for his on-line store. His Barcelona shop is at Avinguda de Josep Tarradellas 113
              Alkimia has more intricate desserts (not quite in Moments category) than most other modern Catalan restaurants such as Cinc Sentits, Sauc, Hisop. Should be a good choice. I don't know when was the last time you were in Barcelona. La Sagrada Familia is forever changing and adding, therefore, always worth return visits.
              If your friends and their young children have a sweet tooth or just want a place to rest when around the Pg de Gracia/ Casa Batillo, take them to Dolso. Informal and lots of pastries, sweets, chocolate. It is not high-end but good enough. They also have a shop in the Gotic on carrier Boters but since I haven't been there, don't know if they have places to sit. An excellent pastry shop with counter seating in that area is Forno de Jaume on the first block of Ramblas de Catalunya. That block has a chocolatier also. No a destination but when in the neighborhood.

              1. re: PBSF

                Thank you everyone, especially PBSF. It's been about 5 yrs since my last visit, I'm sure I will end up going to La Sagrada Familia. Yes, the kids definitly have a sweet tooth I will keep Dolso in mind. I also found a past post from you on where to find good churros. I must say on my last visit I was very disappointed with the churros in Barcelona and Madrid. This visit I will be well informed. They are also big fans of ice cream and gelato

                1. re: sugarNspice

                  There are some good places in Barcelona that makes good churros but rarely in the places that have seating and hot chocolates. They fry them ahead of time which never work with churros. I haven't search much for them but there is a simple shop on via Laietana that always have a fresh batch at around 4pm. There was a recent post on churros; the poster Snack Happy is the expert.
                  Dolso also have some compose desserts that are worth seeking out and their prices are very reasonable. Generally, the gelato is not as good as Italy; try Cremeria Toscana, Gelati and Tomo.

                  1. re: PBSF

                    PBSF, I saw in a previous post that you liked the churros in Seville over the ones in Barcelona. Is there a particular place in Seville you like since we will be there also.

                    The kids will be happy with eating gelato, although they went to Italy last year. So I'm sure they will be comparing the flavor and taste.

                    Moments is closed in August. I guess I should have mentioned that we will be there in August.

                    1. re: sugarNspice

                      Some of the best churros that I've had in Seville were off parked trucks in the morning around 9am. One on the corner of calle Rodo and dos de Mayo in Arenal. one on Plaza Neuva, another on Paseo de Cristobal Colon next to the bull ring. I am sure there are others in central Seville. They serve them in large paper cones right off the fryer; help oneself to the sugar sprinkler; also hot chocolate; no seating. I have never sought out churrros in sit down places.

                      One will run into ice cream kiosks in the old part of Barcelona; most decent but not good as in Italy. Tomo has a small shop in El Born on c/Argenteria, right before Santa Maria del Mar.

                      ugust is a difficult month for restaurants, Moo is also closed in August. Many close only a couple of weeks.

                      1. re: PBSF

                        Found out Sauc and Hisop are closed the dates I will be there too. Waiting to hear from Cinc Sentits. It's probably for the best since we will be there a short time.

                        Looking forward to Espai Sucre, Enrica Rovira's and Oriol Balaguer, Dolso and churros

                        Espai Sucre
                        Carrer de la Princesa, 53, Barcelona, CT 08003, ES