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Jun 18, 2011 07:17 PM

Asian Food in the Wellfleet/PTown Area?

Hi - I know this is a long shot, but is there any decent Asian food in the Wellfleet (Truro, Province Town, etc.) area? We'll be down there (from Boston) for a week, and that's a long time for us to go without some type of Asian food (anything...Chinese, Indian, Korean, etc.)....Thanks

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  1. That is a very tall order. Mac's Shack in Welfleet has great sushi in a fun and funky spot. Sit outside or at the bar. Don't confuse it with Mac's Seafood, a take-out joint just down the road.. Eastham has Royal Thai, although I've never eaten there so can't recommend. Abba in Orleans is a wonderful eclectic mix of Thai/Mediterranean fine dining fare. The only place I know of in PTown is the Fortune Cookie, just typical Americanized Chinese Pu Pu platter food, and not great at that.

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      stay away from Royal Thai. everyhting is sweet and tastes the same.

    2. The Karoo Kafe in Ptown has some interesting South African curries and samosas.

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          Thanks Hounds! Definitely looking forward to trying Abba and hope to get to Karoo as well...