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Jun 18, 2011 06:29 PM

Tex Mex Burger Patty

I had a spectacluar Tex Mex Burger in Mexico and am after some tips/recipes for a thick beef patty ideally made from home ground meat (not store bought mince)

Other ingredients on the burger include; grilled poblano chillies, manchego cheese, lots of crispy bacon and chipotle mayonnaise, a side of guacamole. This was the most amazing burger and I think a great patty recipe would top it off nicely!

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  1. you've already got a lot going on there with a bunch of different flavors, i don't know that you need much more in the patty besides salt. if you *must* add other seasonings, maybe a little cumin and paprika.

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      Oh yes, I would not add too many seasonings. . keep it simple for sure.