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Jun 18, 2011 06:01 PM

Father's Day breakfast

Composing my menu for Father's Day Breakfast.

It centers on eggs,
Not so surprising since fusion with ovums
is what made us Dad's in the first place.
Earning this day of a breakfast in bed.

I would like one egg that is softly boiled.
Next to that. quivering, one coddled and poached.

Then two gently fried so that yolks need my spoon.
Then two more softly scrambled

And also big ouncer of three ovum omelet
besprinkled with cheese.

Add some toast sliced to strips
and few leaves of good bacon
Grins to this Father's Day.

What would yours be?

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  1. We're going to Chester Pike's Galley , in Sullivan Maine. for Lobster Benedict and the best and meatiest corn beef hash I know. I might need a piece of key lime pie for dessert. And spend a few days at our log cabin on Tunk Lake.

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    1. re: Passadumkeg

      Will not clash on the hash, nor more on the lobster.
      How to make day to also include Lady's Slipper?
      Fresh from the spruce bog.

      1. re: FoodFuser

        Lady slippers grow behind the cabin and are prolific by the out house for some reason. The mountain laurel is just past bloom and the rhodedenderons just coming into bloom, lots of columbines.
        If I'm lucky we'll have some very freshly caught land locked salmon for supper.
        If not I'll suffer w/ a pot of steamed clam and sweet corn.

        1. re: Passadumkeg

          Gift. Cypripedium.
          One wonders how Lady's Slippers give lock to a Father's Day.
          But yet they do.

          Landlocked. Once fished for trout in a river-sheard oxbow
          Fish from a barrel, we feasted.

          Yet Sunday, I'm partial to eggs.

    2. Eggs upon face
      And eggs into belly.
      Good Father's day breakfast
      presented as requested.

      Once one has pumped at inflated blossom
      of flower of ladyslipper
      matters not lobster or eggs.

      1. Wow, what lovely egg lines. And what a lot of eggs!

        You may enjoy this.

        1. Scotties little nest egg, my go to Father's day recipe. I love, love, love this recipe and so does Dad. It`s twice a year :Christmas morning and Father`s day. Here`s a link with the recipe...too busy preparing the rest of the menu to write it out