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Jun 18, 2011 04:46 PM

Sage Reception Review

We had our wedding reception for 28 people at Sage - Cristina (group coordinator) Michael (manager) Nick (somellier) and staff - all did a great job and we were really pleased.

Sage's service, food, atmophere, and everything was better than I could have expected - If you are coming to Vegas and having one good meal, this is the place to go!

Each person was served a 4 course meal with the choice of wine or beer pairing. Jean Phillippe (JP) made our wedding cake. JP is located inside the ARIA.

First Course: Hamachi Crudo or Waygu Beef Tartare

Me and the Mrs both went with the tartare - which was excellent. It was served with a quail egg on top and a couple pieces of delicious bread

Second Course: Octopus Salad or Creme Brulee Foie Gras

Just about everyone went with the Foie Gras. Those that tried the octopus said it was okay, but not amazing - I did not try the octopus.

I have to say foie gras is my favorite food - however this, for me, was the least successful dish of the evening, and that isnt to say it wasnt good. I just think I am a traditionalist here.
It had shaved bits of foie on top of the brulee, then it was like your traditional creme brulee dessert but instead of sweet pudding inside you had savory foie gras in the form of custard. It was served with salted brioche bread - Now i will say if you go, you must order it, because it is like nothing I have ever tried before - Binkley's in Cave Creek, your foie is still #1 in my book.

Third Course: Scallops with oxtail and salted carmel reduction or Big Eye Tuna in Fennel Pollen
I had a chance to taste the Ahi and it was very good, but not out of this world
The scallops were my favorite dish of the evening, and I dont think i have ever or will ever again describe scallops as my favorite dish - but they were amazing - the sweetness of the scallop and the savory depth of the oxtail (which is one of my fav things) was so good - next time I'm in Vegas, i am eating these scallops

The fourth course: Halibut or Ribeye (the ribeye was off menu but we had it special ordered)
I heard the Halibut was really good; however, the Ribeye was amazing
If people didnt say the scallops were the best choice, the ribeye def was. The crust was nice and crispy seared and the center was a perfect pink - it was amazing

For dessert, we had a three tier cake from JP. We emailed JP a few pictures/ideas, and the finish product was beautifully designed.
The main layer was seasonal fruits with vanilla cream - which was the best layer. Delicious and amazing. It had whole blueberry, raspberry, and large chunks of strawberries through the filling. In hindsight, we would have opted for the entire cake to be made with seasonal fruit because it was light - and perfect for a heavy meal. The second layer was hazelnut filling with pralines, which was also good but could have used a bit more praline for my liking.
The top layer was pretty gross. It was coffee flavored filled with nuts (not chopped or even halved) and it had no coffee flavor. However, that was easy to overlook with how good the other layers were.

Overall an amazing evening and I would highly recommend Sage for a special event or just a regular dinner while in Vegas.

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  1. I remember your posting on another thread about a wedding reception at Sage. I'm so glad yours went as well.

      1. Glad it went well and our input was helpful. Also, you are one of the few posters here (apart from me) who was not bowled over by the foie gras creme brulee. I mean its nice but I'd rather have the real thing if you know what I mean.

        1. Completely agree about the scallops. I crave that dish at least once a week. What did you think about the beverage pairings?

          (And congrats on tying the knot!)

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          1. re: kmbeer

            Everyone still talks about the beverage pairings - it was really fun having beer or wine and everyone who had the beer was very impressed

            Ill have to find the menu and post what went with each pairing - I am not sure if they brought in special beers or they normally have that good of a selection - i remember liking the wine - had a good martini made with Nolets Gin as well

            eastbaysanfranman: I will see if i can figure out how to get a photo of the cake on chow hound - not sure what other pictures we have of the food