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How would you use Plum Chutney?

Just finished making a batch of plum chutney with ginger, garlic, mustard seeds,hot pepper flakes, onion, raisins, sugars and vinegar. I love it on burgers and with virtually any meat but wonder if there's any dish you'd make using it as a main ingredient not condiment? Thanks.

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  1. Don't know about a main ingredient but I make a cranberry cheesecake that I think substituting plum chutney for the cranberry would be divine.
    How about with some meat in empanadas or on a pizza, instead of marinara sauce, poured over some cream cheese and eaten on crackers, as a pasta sauce. Just a few off the top of my head.

    1. i'd love it in a grilled cheese sandwich - sourdough, Manchego, arugula or spinach...or layered in a tart crust with chevre and baked.

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          ha! i take it you approve of my suggestions? oh how i miss sourdough...

      1. This is one of those played out but delicious party food ideas: sandwich between a sliced wheel of brie, wrap in puff pastry and bake. Good to put out as a starter. Seems to be a hit whenever it's served.

        You could also serve it as part of a cheese course.

        1. Thanks for the ideas. Tonight putting it on a bacon cheddar cheeseburger.....tomorrow who knows.

          1. Put it in Chicken or Turkey salad.

            Plum chutney sounds like a wonderful idea!!!!

            I would definitely serve it alongside grilled or roasted pork tenderloin. Yum!

            I love the cheese ideas.

            1. I have used it for years now as a condiment. I'm not so sure about pizza or pasta, unless it was an application that could take the sweetness--it is very sweet, hot and spicy. I have enough that I might drive braising some chicken thighs in it and serving with basmati rice and yogurt.

              1. I love plum chutney - we still have a couple of jars of the 2008 vintage I made.

                I've never thought of it as a main ingredient but it often finds its way onto the plate - as an accompaniment to cold meats or curries but, for first choice, on a cold roast pork sandwich.

                1. Put a couple of tablespoons of olive oil on medium heat in a large skillet. Brown pieces of b/s chicken breast on medium heat (cut into three chunks each), a couple of minutes on each side. In a small bowl, whisk together one cup of mik, 1/2 cup chutney and 1 T. curry powder.
                  When chicken is browned, pour in chutney milk mixture, turn to low and simmer for about 10 minutes with the lid on.
                  Serve over basmati rice and top with chopped cilantro.

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                    I will definitely try this--have you ever used coconut milk in place of cow's?

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                      No, but if and when you do, please report back. Sounds interesting. The milk makes the dish creamy, while it simmers. The heat from the chutney gives it a nice kick. I haven't used plum, but Major Grey's or TJ's Mango - Ginger. Yours sounds wonderful. :)

                  2. I would make a plum sauce with black pepper for seared duck breast or slather it on pork loin/tenderloin for roasting. I imagine it would also be wonderful with goose.

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                      i like this idea very much, along with the ribs idea below….

                    2. In Pakistani Frontier style kabab houses, dried plum (prune, I guess) chutney is served with meat on a skewer like Afghani tikka, seekh kabaabs, and so on. I don't see why one couldn't serve your plum chutney in the same way because it would have the same sweet-tart tang to compliment to fatty, succulent meat kababs.

                      1. Thin it with a bit more vinegar and use as a glaze for grilled dark meat chicken!

                        1. Slow-cooked ribs - I'm working through a pantry full of plum chutney with these. I use a recipe but essentially it's a cup of plum chutney, 1/2 cup plum jam (but ginger preserve is lovely), garlic, bit of soy sauce (you can be creative here!)....smother the ribs both sides and bake for 1 hour covered, at 325/160. Then take the foil off the pan (they won't look anything like they do at the end - you'll think there's way too much liquid, and the meat just looks kind of steamed at this point - don't worry!) and cook for another 60-90 mins, turning every 10-15 mins (more toward the end), till the sauce reduces and intensifies, and the ribs turn mahogany-glazed and super-tender....lovely with plain white rice. No need to marinade first. It's almost the main ingredient, and a treat to be able to use the chutney so lavishly, when you've made a huge batch of it.

                          1. you could pair it in layers with ricotta salata in stemmed glasses for a dessert.

                            you could make crepes and use this as the filling.

                            you could make a savory cobbler with it as the "fruit " -- (see my recipe link Georgia Faye's Super Easy Cobbler).

                            roll a split pork tenderloin (or turkey breast) with the plum chutney as the filling. you could do a smaller version with split and flattened chicken breasts.

                            realistically: i'd use it on sandwiches or on a cheese plate.

                            i think it'd be great with roast pork and provolone

                            or smoked turkey

                            1. Love stuff like your plum chutney on pork.
                              Season and sear pork chop. Set aside.
                              Add onions and saute to caramelize a bit
                              Add plum chutney and chicken stock. Maybe a splash of vinegar if you'd like?
                              Reduce a bit.
                              Return pork and continue to cook to liking.

                              I use this method with berry jelly/chutney/compotes of all kinds.