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Are there frozen veg that you do not like?

I remember growing up and whenever frozen veg were put in front of me I became very unhappy. They always seemed to be overcooked. Over the years I grew a tolerance for some of them except carrots. I don't know what it is but I cannot eat frozen carrots in any meal. They taste so fake to me. It becomes another annoyance when you go to a restaurant and pay good money and they serve frozen veg. Anyway are there any frozen veg that you just do not like?

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  1. IMHO, frozen broccoli is awful - soggy stems and mushy tips.
    Frozen potatoes not so good - chalky.

    1. I agree with you about the carrots. They always taste vaguely like their packaging.

      I love peppers, and buy them in bulk when on sale. I dice and flash-freeze those I can't use in a timely manner, but I'm never thrilled with their texture. A bit mushy, which means their use is dedicated to stews and such. I've never had them store-bought though.

      In the main, I've just gotten pickier about the types of frozen vegetables I buy from various labels. There are some serviceable-to-very-nice frozen green beans, spinach, and edamame out there, and then there are *awful* bags, of stuff picked too early, or used past their prime, that are just waiting to sabotage a meal because I wanted to save a dollar.

      Okra is another one I've never had success with outside of a soup or stew, where the texture doesn't stand out too much.

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        We went through a couple month phase of buying frozen edamame from Trader Joes. It was pretty good (although I don't think I've tried any other frozen edamame).

      2. It's much qucker to list the ones that I do, but particularly icky to me are frozen bell peppers. They're just wrong.

        1. Frozen asparagus! Eewww it is slimy, stringy and just nasty.

          1. All the above, plus green beans- they're sloppy and they squeak.

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              So true! I LOVE fresh green beans but frozen? Not so much. Same with carrots and broccoli because their texture changes so drastically (and not in a good way).

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                The TJ's frozen hericot verts are surprisingly good.

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                  Frozen green beans are one of mine as well. And what bugs me most of all is that they seem to pick the woodiest of them to put in frozen stir-fry vegetables, which I occasionally use. The bags seem to be half green beans sometimes. Another peeve of mine is in general, monster sized vegetables in "ready to serve" packages.

                2. I don't like frozen corn, the skin is tough and the inside is mush. Niblets in the can for me.

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                    Amen. Frozen corn has an off-taste to me and a weird texture. My corn plants are nearly ready for harvesting. I get a big pot of boiling water ready, add just a touch of sugar to it, then go & pull off some ears of corn, clean, and happy eating with chipotle butter in just minutes. If it's not growing season, I'll take canned corn over frozen any day.

                  2. Many, in fact, there are only few frozen vegetables I actually like. Frozen broccoli is bad like drongo said. Frozen green beans are bad.... etc. Ultimately, it has to do with how you want your finishing dish to be. If your goal is to make a bowl of slow cooking soft and soggy vegetables, then many frozen vegetables may do. However, if you want crispy saute/stir-fried vegetables, then almost none of the frozen vegetables work.

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                      peas are about the only thing I'll keep on hand in the freezer - and even then, it's to use in something else. I don't remember the last time I made steamed, buttered frozen peas. (I have, however, an inexplicable fondness for LeSeuer canned peas, preferably right out of the can.)

                      I think back to some of the frozen veg we ate growing up in the name of variety -- Brussels sprouts, lima beans, asparagus, spinach -- it's all foul when frozen, but I'll wrassle you for any of 'em fresh.

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                        I eat those peas straight out of the can, too. The shame.

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                            My other straight-outta-the-can food is even worse: Campbell's Vegetarian Vegetable soup, undiluted (obviously). Hello salt!

                    2. Okra , green peas and corn are the only frozen veggies I like and I only use them in soups and stews, except the corn whicj sometimes winds up cornbread or pancakes. Everything else tastes like plastic, especialy broccoli and carrots ;P

                      1. I can't really think of any frozen vegetables that I like, except maybe corn nibblets.

                        Even frozen spinach, which people rave about, is only acceptable as a cost-cutting bargain option, but if you want good tasting spinach, you need the fresh kind.

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                          I was talking to a VERY Greek friend the other day, who swears by frozen spinach (thawed then strained) for Spanikopita.
                          I figured they wouldn't do anything but fresh, but was surprised to hear that.

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                            Once you boil it, chop it, squeeze it and bake in in a dough, I figure the flavor of fresh spinach is so far gone you might as well use frozen.

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                              unless you grow it yourself, you'd need a huge mess of it.

                          2. Unless I freeze them myself, the only ones I use are peas and corn. The rest have a styrofoamness that turns me off.

                            1. I will readily admit I am spoiled by he availability of fresh vegetables year round. I hate mushy veg and no matter what brand frozen I have tried (brand name, store brand, etc.), almost all frozen veg come out mushy when cooked. Some firmer ones are exceptions, like peas, corn, carrots, and green beans. I can also take frozen limas, but I have to take them alone, as DW won't touch them.

                              1. I like most frozen veggies, but I'm not a fan of frozen mushrooms. They're inevitably soggy and mushy.

                                1. I like all of them. Not going to bother arguing that they're all inferior to fresh ones, because they are, but I like them because I'm willing to accept the sacrifice in order to have them in the first place. Something like fresh spinach is great, but I rarely buy fresh and mostly go for the frozen, because of most of my uses I only need a bit here and there.

                                  1. This is easy. I hate all of them except frozen peas, which definitely have their uses.

                                    Fresh is soo much better than frozen, for just about all veggies. The texture absolutely suffers with freezing.

                                    Sad but true story: I typically nuke fresh brocolli with a few dabs of salted butter. The residual water left from rinsing acts to steam it in about four minutes. All I do is put in in a bowl with plastic wrap. Really not what you would call "cooking". My daughter's friend went home to tell her mom to ask me for the "recipe" because it was the best brocolli she ever ate. You have no idea how surprised her mom was to discover that the only secret was FRESH brocolli and butter. Nuked, no less. I rest my case.

                                    1. Frozen peas are pretty good, and green beans are all right if you are making a vegetable soup or a casserole like a pot pie. Do potatoes count as a vegetable? Because frozen shredded hash browns are in many cases better than fresh.

                                      That's it though, everything else is pretty terrible.

                                      1. I think one of the problems of some frozen vegetables is that all of the ones that were sub-standard to begin with, often end up in the bags. Or you'll buy something like broccoli, and the bag contains nothing but stumps etc.

                                        Carrots and green beans I think are my major ones. I'll eat them, but i'll pick them out of a mix first just to get rid of them.

                                        I actually like things like frozen brussel sprouts, corn, spinach (for soups), and I have a bag of roasted peppers in the freezer right now and often a stir-fry mix.

                                        1. Gosh, I thought everyone had a few frozen veggies in their freezer. Of course they are not as good as fresh but 95% of the time better than canned. I buy fresh veggies for specific things or as an accompaniment to a specific meal I want to make (Except a bag of lettuce, things like onions, a few pieces of fruit, etc). If I randomly bought a bunch of fresh vegetables, I would end up throwing away most of it. So I buy frozen to have on hand for convenience. Like a third of the people on this thread are like "I don't buy frozen veggies". I don't quite get it. I do have to plan more though because I am only buying for myself usually so that probably affects my buying habits as well. I also have bags of Hatch green chiles harvested in the fall, roasted and peeled by me in my freezer at all times and they are amazing- even after freezing.

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                                            If the OP had asked about canned, my answer would have been similarly negative.
                                            For the most part, I dislike canned even more than frozen. Exceptions that I keep in my pantry:
                                            Tomatoes (for sauce), beets (still prefer fresh), and several kinds of beans, which can help when you don't have time to work with dried. Canned corn seems to bear little resemblance to fresh on the cob, and most everything else tastes "tinny" to me, even if I can get past the texture. I am sure this is mostly imagined by me.

                                          2. the only frozen vegetables i eat willingly at this point are green peas, lima beans, and occasionally TJ's frozen artichoke hearts...but i'm extremely fortunate to live in Southern California with year-round access to excellent produce.

                                            i do keep "emergency" bags of Cascadian Farms organic broccoli florets and cut green beans on hand, but they tend to sit in there unused for at least 6 months at a time.