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Jun 18, 2011 03:08 PM

Russell, MA Huntington, MA Worthington, MA

Has anyone here eaten at THE RAPIDS or more specifically, the brick oven pizza place that's operating in the same building "Clemenza's" ?

I cannot find anything on the web about it! I just drove (motorcycle ride) past it today, for the 2nd time in the past month but just didn't stop in.

Any advice appreciated, haven't really found any brick oven pizza in Western Mass at all.

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  1. have not been there but would like a report. as i recall, they do wood fired brick oven pizzas at paradiso in northampton, although i haven't been there for a long time. i recall the pies were okay, but the atmosphere is atrocious and the other dishes were somewhat dull & overpriced. it is also difficult for me to conceptually commend any place that is part of the "claudio group." but i do believe it exists. there is also magpie in greenfield. i like the folks who run it (associated with both hope & olive and the late, lamented bottle of bread), but i've been off gluten for a while, so i've been sticking with hillside in south deerfield. only open thurs-sat, but excellent thin crust all local pies. since they offer gluten-free crusts. consequently, i can offer no opinion on the actual quality of magpie's wares, but they've been around long enough now to have worked out their kinks, so it might be worth a shot. apart from those...i had thought mike & tony's up in colrain at the green emporium was supposed to be brick oven, but i looked at their website & discovered this was not the case. still, let us know about the rapids if you stop.

    1. Don't do it! The Rapids has had many reincarnations, all awful! This is Dominos meets Papa Johns. Would love if the hilltowns had great, even good pizza.
      Bread Euphoria in Haydenville has pizza - not thin crust brick oven, almost more focaccia style. Will not satisfy a traditional pizza craving, but good fresh ingredients.

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        For someone who doesn't really love pizza (namely, me) I find the pizza at Bread Euphoria delicious. I even devour the crusts.
        But my husband, who loves ALL pizza, also loves it at Bread Euphoria. (The sauce is also particularly delicious on the regular, and they usually have a special of the day which has unusual ingredients, often featuring pesto, also delicious.)
        Worth giving it a try and seeing how you like it.

        1. re: BerkshireTsarina

          I like the white pizza there very much, and though they are a bakery they do serve beer.