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Jun 18, 2011 02:36 PM

Kingston Suggestions?

We are planning a trip to Kingston (thruway exit 19).

We've been to Le Canard-Enchaine. We'll probably go to Fleisher's and I've wanted to try Jane's ice cream for a long time . . .

What else do you suggest?

Not much came up when I did a search of this Board. I'll also take a look at the General Tristate Archives. I've read good things on this Board about Elephant Wine Bar.

I'd also welcome other dinner suggestions and a rec for breakfast and lunch. Many thanks.

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  1. Found this in the Archives re: Elephant Wine Bar:

    Has anyone been lately?

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    1. re: financialdistrictresident

      elephant still rocks. they're not open on sundays, and don't take reservations.

      i don't think jane's has a storefront any more - used to be across from where elephant is.

      fleisher's isn't a restaurant; i'd assume you could go to brooklyn (marlowe?) and get much of the same things.

      there's some places in saugerties as well, and i know that one of them on the main strip (a candy shop) sells jane's all the time. although there is a lighthouse in kingston (and old train area), you could probably go to saug. for their lighthouse which you can walk out to, and then eat a lunch on their main strip, w/dinner in kingston. or a b&b type place in saugerties...

      there's a long-standing tex-mex place called armadillo's which is good as well...

      1. re: bob gaj

        Thanks, bob gaj. Enjoy reading your posts. Thinking Elephant might work for dinner Friday or Saturday. Need to look into Armadillo's. Not a fan of eating tex-mex in the East. Fresh hand made tortillas in San Diego spoiled me . . .

        The Saugerties suggestion sounds good. We will probably go on a Friday afternoon and return early Sunday morning.

      2. re: financialdistrictresident

        Saugerties suggestions?

        I did a search of this Board and came up with%3

        Miss Lucy's Kitchen

        Cafe Tamayo


        Anyone been recently?

        1. re: financialdistrictresident

          Fez looks like a lunch possibility. No menu on their web site. I'll check out Yelp. Insights and suggestions from hounds would be greatly appreciated :) Still CASH ONLY?

      3. The Indian restaurant in uptown Kingston, called something like Kingston Indian Restaurant, was quite good. It is on Wall Street not far from Le Canard Enchainee. We were there for lunch (not for buffet).

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        1. re: Wanda

          Thanks, Wanda.

          I'm looking for something a little different. I can get Indian in the city or go to Karavelli's.

          1. The Stockade Tavern in Kingston makes wonderful mixed drinks from the Prohibition Era and the 1800's. They take their time making your drink and the bartenders are very friendly. Nice atmosphere, and I think they have a couple of bites of food available but they are definitely more a bar. Well worth a stop for a drink.

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              1. re: financialdistrictresident

                The Stockade is a great, laid back place for a drink. The normal chain of events is elephant for food and then around the corner to the stockade for after dinner drinks.

                It's very easy to get breakfast/snack/lunch at the farmers market. In fact i did it this past weekend. Grab something (I love the tamales from the block factory tamale stand) and walk around the corner to the peace park and eat in relative privacy.

                Armadillo is another Kingston favorite and its proximity to the strand makes for a nice after dinner walk

            1. Never made it to Kingston . . .

              Need to find a restaurant for SO. Le-Canard is closed on Wednesdays, Elephant doesn't take reservations.

              Saw this thread on The Tappen from last year:


              Anyone been recently?

              Any other suggestions or ideas?