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Jun 18, 2011 02:18 PM

Good restaurant choices in East London?

Dear All,

Could you suggest a good restaurant within the East London area? We will be a group of all young people going out, probably a Sunday night and it would be nice to go somewhere with a good recommended menu.

Most of us will be travelling from the Manor Park/Ilford/Redbridge area, but we are happy to travel out further.



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  1. Search East Ham or dig through my posts.

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    1. re: JFores

      Terribly sorry - i knew there was something I forgot to mention. I'm yelling trying to avoid all of the Indian/ south Indian places in Eastham, as we've done that area a lot.

      My bad!

    2. Try Gourmet San. An authentic Chinese restaurants serving up spicy delicious food from the Szechuan provence. On Bethnal Green road.

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        Bistrotheque, lots of fun on a Sunday night if you are ok with the cool, East London crowd.

        23-27 Wadeson Street, London E2 9DR, GB

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          I prefer Red Bar down further on Bethnal Green Rd across the board. It has changed names, but the crew is the same. It's Red House now? Maybe?

          Chef from Dongbei, some Hangzhou specific dishes and better Sichuan dishes than Gourmet San. Gourmet San's a Dongbei restaurant btw. Not Sichuan.

        2. Try St John Bread and Wine, although it maybe a bit too central for you as it is on Commercial Street. It's got a relaxed atmosphere, staff are wonderful and the food is brilliant. The menu changes twice a day (check out the website to see the style of food) with a great choice of seasonal dishes. The dishes are great for sharing, we always order a mass of dishes and share them amongst the table - a fantastic way to eat at this restaurant. I do warn you that if your friends are squeamish this may not be the best choice. I once took a few conservative food friends there for lunch and there was brain, sweetbreads and bone marrow on the menu! One last pointer, don't skip puddings here. The puddings are possible the best puddings I've ever had in restaurants.

          St John Bread & Wine
          94 Commercial St, Poplar, Greater London E1 6, GB