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Jun 18, 2011 01:26 PM


Styers Garden Cafe, Glen Mills, PA, along Route #1 provides good food, but the following incidents which occurred today, June 18, 2011, at brunch should provide some considerable pause to potential diners unless these are addressed by the restaurant:

1. We were a party of 4 and had a reservation for brunch. No problem so far. Had we arrived as 2 separate groups of 2 each we would at each table have received as part of the Cafe's normal provisions a small loaf of freshly baked bread which is served in a small flower pot. The bread is quite good. For our party of 4 we received one loaf of bread. Our daughter and boyfriend had just driven up from Washington and were hungry so we four went through the bread in short order. We asked for a second loaf and were charged $3 for it. No one told us we were going to be charged. Seems to me that since we would have received 2 loafs had we been at 2 separate tables (2 at each table), the second loaf should at least have been free. The food is not cheap. Scallops ($17) and omlette ($11) for example. Everything is al a carte.
2. Hot tea. I ordered a cup of hot black tea after the meal ($2.50). The tea pitcher and cup of tea arrived without the tea bag. I happen to like my tea strong and had planned on leaving the bag in the cup. But since no bag, I had to make do with the pathetically weak tea which was provided. A little presumptious to say the least!
3. Attitude. The attitude of the waitress was haughty and, when I asked for olive oil to go with the bread, I actually had to repeat myself since she seemed dumbfounded that anyone would make such a request.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. As a potential diner to the establishment, I gave considerable pause and find that none of the three transgressions would stop me from going there. I'd file them under "just about much ado about nothing."

        If the food is good and I'm enjoying myself and want more bread, $3 isn't going to break the bank. Yes, it would be nice if it were free refills but I guess they chose not. Baking admittedly good bread in a flower pot might be a bit popular there and portions may need to be managed.

        Hot tea is almost always served weaker than I like. However, almost everything I've read about tea advises it steeped for a relatively few four minutes or so. If it were served as tea is generally accepted to be served, albeit not to your liking, how can that be presumptuous? Do all restaurants know the customer wants to keep the tea bag? Not that I've ever noticed. If my tea was weak or tepid, I'd merely ask for a new one. I just don't see why one should reconsider dining here with such a simple and non-scene producing resolution to a simple misunderstanding.

        Maybe they don't normally serve olive oil with bread? Maybe she actually never heard such request. A lot of restaurants don't serve olive oil in lieu of butter. But that is evidence of haughtiness? I don't think so.

        I don't own or work in a restaurant but nonetheless agreed with jsw324 before his post was unfortunately axed.

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          Agreed about the olive oil RC51Mike. I finally got to Styers the other day and loved it. Our waitress, btw, was anything but haughty. Why would they serve olive oil when they provide such wonderful butters? The day I was there it was lavender and honey infused.

        2. Folks, we've removed a few posts from this thread.

          Please keep in mind that we're here to rate the chow, not the Chowhound. We encourage you to add your own opinions and reviews of the chow at Styers Garden Cafe, but please refrain from critiquing the way other hounds post or eat.

          We're all just amateur reviewers, generously sharing our thoughts on our meals with other hounds. We don't want any hound to hold back from offering his/her opinions because they fear that their other posters will attack them for reporting their experiences.

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