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Jun 18, 2011 01:01 PM

Korean Fried Chicken in Ann Arbor

Intriguing new spot in AA: Seoul Street. Featuring Korean fried chicken. Next door to Great Plains Burgers on Plymouth Rd. Enter through the parking lot--not visible from the street.
Have yet to try, but saw happy families munching away.

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  1. I tried it today. Good chicken, if kinda small ( they use a local organic farm for it I believe) skin stayed crispy even after warming up leftovers. You get your choice among legs,thighs,strips, or wings. They come with a choice of a corn salad or sweet pickled radish.. They also have staples like Kim Bap, Bi Bim Bop, and spicy rice cakes.

    1. Yes Moose--chicken is tasty and has a great bite to it. We also enjoyed the kim chi jun (pancake) and the bimbim bop (available in half order).
      This is a fun option for a group or family--easy to mix/share dishes.

      1. I tried Seoul Street last night- I've gotta say that I'm rather impressed.

        The chicken was just right. The skin was a crispy shell around juicy, tasty chicken. Theirs is the first hot and spicy chicken I've had in a long time that truly tasted spicy and not just sour. It was spicy with a good flavor, not just hot for the same of being hot. As much as I liked that, I think that I liked the soy garlic chicken more.

        The kimchee jun (pancake) is extremely good, I'd even say outstanding. I could've eaten a couple more orders quite happily, but I wanted to try the rolls.

        The kimbop rolls are generously sized. I tried the bulgogi roll and the veggie roll. They are very mild, and frankly I think that I'd've liked them more with either some kind of a light sauce, or a sour rice, and I'm not one for lots of sauces. They do very clearly say they aren't sushi rolls, though.

        Not one item I had last night triggered my "too much damn salt" reflex that has gotten overworked the last few new places I've tried. I really appreciate that.

        Next trip, I'll try the mandoo and the bulgogi, or maybe the bibimbop. I'll be interested to see how the bulgogi compares.

        The dining room is tiny (about a dozen seats), and even with the studentia out of town last night, the place was packed. It's set up more for take-out than dining in. The accoustics are such that it can get very noisy very easily.

        Chicken is cooked fresh for each order and requires 20 minutes, so I'll probably call ahead for a take-out order. I'm very much looking forward to my next visit- it's a neat concept, and I thought that the food was very good.

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          excellent review brakeman. strongly agree with your assessment of the spicy flavor. I liked the spicy a shade more than the soy garlic, but they were both excellent. Glad to hear you reviewed the kimbap rolls. I'm looking forward to trying those and the mandoo. Now I'll add an order of kimchee jun to my list. I wasn't a fan of the corn salad side, and want to try the pickled radish next time.

          1. re: brakeman

            Totally agree. Went last night and had the spicy chicken—really flavored the entire piece. I'll definitely be back. The crispness held up through the entire meal, and taking the chicken and eating it outdoors on North Campus or at a nearby park is probably the way to go when the undergrads get back.