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Jun 18, 2011 12:22 PM

If your starting point is the 7th ar. - Best pasteries close by

So far from what i have figured out

Starting point (hotel where we are staying) is here

23, avenue Duquesne 75007 Paris

The two best places for places to go from there would be:

Pierre Hermes for macaroons and Des Gateaux et du Pain for quiche or yeasty bready items like danish etc

Am I missing anything else that is reasonably close by that is a do not miss for something simple to grab while on the move

Will try to make it to Jaques Genin for some carmels / hot chocolate but that is half way across the city so if that works out great

Pierre Herme
72 Rue Bonaparte, Paris, Île-de-France 75006, FR

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  1. Des Gateaux is about 1mile or 1.5km. I do not know if you are walking or not. If you are an idiot such as myself and walk everywhere, maybe Genin is a bit far(though I have done worse and often) but if you take the metro, nothing is so far. Also, Pichard and e. Mayeur are about the same distance as Des Gateaux. Nothing else within a 1.5km max that i am noticing that are not big names. I do not deal with Hermes, Laduree, etc. Choose your poison based on what type of treats you desire. Or go to them all. I am sure someone else who knows much more will chime in to assist you.

    1. One metro ride on Line 8, from Ecole Militaire to Filles du Calvaire, will take you to within a couple of blocks of Genin...

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        mangeur - awesome that is good to know, that will make a stop over there much easier :)

        diet- We will be walking over there, since we want to explore the area around our hotel once we get into the city. I had noticed that Des Gateaux and Pierre Hermes were pretty close to each other maybe a block away in the same direction and we are after the best macaroons, and danish / brioche bread topped with whatever the flavor of the day is

        What does Pichard and e Mayeur do really well - if they are that same distance it would be a shame not to check them out :)

        Pierre Herme
        72 Rue Bonaparte, Paris, Île-de-France 75006, FR

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          l would walk on my knees a long distance for Mayer's 'Pain des Alpages' bread, my fav on last trip to the city in May. While not on my knees Pichard for bread is excellent as well. their hours are difficult, so check out before going to Pichard. They close for lunch from about 1-4 on most days.

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            One receives kudos for giving metro directions? Are those not available and obvious? If I only knew. It is a legitimate metro system, thus, going anywhere is not so far.
            I have no 'discoveries' for you, Dapuma, but I am of similar view to some others on the boards and so Deluca has given you the big gun from Mayeur. I am not familiar with their overall product base to be honest.
            Pichard strikes me as an overall good to very good shop. I liked the croissant very much though I waited for a batch straight out d'oven.
            Fruit tarts are more refined(in taste, it is not the pinnacle of artistry) than one might think from the look of the place.That is a positive, quite good. Had a couple of other odds and ends, at the least, solid and better.
            Foolishly, I have not tried the baguette there.
            It is not a shop that will dazzle those with shiny object syndrome.
            Heed Deluca about the hours, I am unaware.

        2. Hugo and Victor is one of my favorites, and Patisserie des Reves is excellent as well, both in the 7th. I would look at to check its list of best patisseries and best boulangeries. Also, with regard to Des Gateaux et du Pain, I did a similar journey every morning last week during my holiday -- for me, it was about a 40 or so minute walk.

          1. You are close to a very good bakery, Pain d'Epis on ave. Bosquet. I think he is a former winner of the best baquette competition and everything he has is good, especially his fougasses. For croissants, pain aux raisins and especially chaussures and tarte tatin try Jean Millet on St. Dominique. They have a couple of small tables in back so you can eat there. One of our favorite chocolatiers is Michel Chaudun on Rue Université; his pavés are about as good as they get.

            These are not big name places, but well regarded in this wealthy neighborhood.

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            1. re: Laidback

              "One of our favorite chocolatiers is Michel Chaudun on Rue Université; his pavés are about as good as they get."

              Oh, yes! And the perfectly executed chocolate Dremel tool in the window...

              1. re: mangeur

                Tarte au citron from Millet, 103, Rue Saint-Dominique.