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Jun 18, 2011 12:17 PM

Gem: Cuisines of China Yonkers, NY

In Re.: Gem: Cuisines of China

Saw this restaurant within a sub-thread here and an older thread that became a bit opened and thought that it should have it own topic.

I drove by it the other day and did not have the time to stop by. So after seeing the comments, I made the effort to stop by today.

Location: 1838 Central Park Avenue is just about across the street from Highridge Shopping Center-914-361-15

And yes Paul is there. We had a very nice conversation. My parents took my sisters and I to The Pagoda of Eastchester just about once a month when we were young. So we had nice talk about his travels and business over the past several years.

Place looks very nice-almost upscale in some ways. Still working on menu items so right now there are 12 appetizers, 3 soups, 6 beef/pork, 7 poultry, 6 seafood, 5 vegetables/tofu, and 6 fried rice/noodles dishes. And still working on back-end operation. Which is normal for any restaurant to go thru the first few months. So first experiences may not be the very best and one can not judge owns experience and taste from others.

I did not go there to eat but what little I saw looked good. Apps range from $3-$14, soups $3-$6, mains $12-22.

We all have our own POV's and taste so I will not try to guess yours. I will say that it should be well worth the trip just to go down and see the place for yourself. Check out the menu and perhaps have a nice talk with Paul.

And while from the "other" board, this shows how different 5 POV's can be:

I was taught at a young age, by my parents, that one should never go on the POV of just one person. And that your own POV is very important.

I do plan on going very soon to check food out for myself. And will bring a few others along to see what they think.

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  1. Jon, I look forward to your report after you have tried the food. This place was a fave of mine many years ago. I do wish they would post a menu because, with limited (vegetarian) options and at a relatively high price point, I need to know what's on offer.
    Thanks for your perspective.

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      I just ate there for the first time this night. I liked it, but it's on the high-end price point for Chinese food in Westchester (but not for NYC). Service was quite good. The only complaint I could possibly muster was that water wasn't refilled instantly like some old-school Chinese places, and that they took drink orders before giving everyone menus. Other than that, the server was very good, and the owner stopped by to check on everything toward the end of the meal.

      We only had a few things. The clams in black bean sauce were OK, but the sauce was a bit bitter. The outstanding dish of the night was the (obscure) eggplant stuffed with chopped scallop and maybe crabmeat (?). A really fantastic combination. We also had the Schezuan shrimp on from the Chef's Special menu, which was nice, served with baby bok choy and cucumbers with a nice heat level.

      The redesign of the restaurant is quite appealing. I'd go back and try some of the rest of the menu. There are some interesting dishes on there, not the typical Westchester Chinese menu.

    2. I got some take out last night. Very pricey for good but not great food. I will have to eat in some time soon to further check it out.