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Jun 18, 2011 11:24 AM

Grainy peach ice cream

I just got a new Cuisinart ice cream maker. Followed the recipe for strawberry ice cream, but used same amount of pureed peach. I processed the cut up ripe peaches well in my food processor and added it to the mix. The ice cream came up tasty,but the peaches in there are grainy. Should I have used my blender to get the peaches smoother? Or should I have let the peaches get a bit overripe before using? I love Breyer's peach ice cream when they have it and wonder how I can get that same peach texture. Any ideas out there?

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  1. Grainy? It sounds like the peach bits froze without getting incorporated into the base. I'm only guessing here, but you might try pureeing the peaches with some of the base before churning. A blender would probably be appropriate if you want peach flavor but not peach chunks.

    1. Try straining the peach puree.

      By the way, the Breyer's peach ice cream uses chunks of peaches, and not a puree (a la a sherbert or sorbet).

      Might want to gild the lily and use both a puree in your custard, as well as using chunks of peaches. Just be sure to macerate the peaches first.

      Good luck.

      1. I had a bit of the same problem. I think it's the stringy part of the flesh near the peach pit. Puree really well, but then you would probably have to press it through some kind of a strainer to get it really smooth.

        1. my dad always blanched his peaches first he says it gets the sugars going and makes them really easy to peel...they get a little mushy but I've never tasted better ice cream than his.

          1. From Shirley O. Corriher's "CookWise": "Condensed milk, evaporated milk and powdered dry milk are major contributors of milk solids to help limit crystal size. However, all have a high concentration of lactose; if too much is used, lactose crystals form and the result is an ice cream with a sandy texture [...] If ice cream is sandy or gritty on the tongue, reduce amount of evaporated milk, dry powdered milk, or condensed milk in the recipe."