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Jun 18, 2011 07:45 AM

Parents Meeting Parents: Help w/ Casual Dinner in Charlestown, North End, West End


I'm in desperate need of restaurant suggestions this coming weekend. My mother, her best friend and myself are heading to Boston for a special trip. While there, we're meeting my fiance's sister's family (they live in Boston), and my fiance's parents. This is the first time the parents are meeting :)

So, my question: we need a low-key, casual dinner spot that satisfies two very different groups of people. Parameters:

-Parents are staying in Charlestown, so we're hoping to stay in that general area (though wouldn't be opposed to other neighborhoods)
-Nothing particularly exotic - spicy foods don't sit well with one parent.
-Another cannot eat garlic - so there goes Italian.
-Trying to avoid anything too expensive/"intimidating"
-Family-friendly - we'll have two little nieces with us (ages 8 mos. and 3)
-Not a must-have, but easy parking would be a plus

I thought casual seafood might be a great choice as far as pleasing everybody, but I'm having trouble finding a spot.

Any help would be MUCH appreciated! I'm much more used to picking dinner locations for the food-adventurous 20-somethings we pal around with, so trying to incorporate parents/kids/picky palates is a challenge :)

Thanks so much!

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  1. How about the Cheesecake Factory over at the Galleria Mall? Or Legal's? There's garage parking right by the one at the Aquarium. Have never been but I've read here that the Sol de la Terre at the Aquarium is also kid friendly. Billy Tse's in the North End if they could go for Chinese or Joe's American Bar and Grill on the waterfront are two other possibilities.

    Billy Tse's
    240 Commercial St Lbby 1, Boston, MA 02109

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    1. re: pasuga

      Figs in Charlestown. Dante in the Royal Sonesta. A little bit further in Somerville, Highland Kitchen.

      Highland Kitchen
      150 Highland Ave, Somerville, MA 02143

    2. I agree with the Joe's on the Waterfront suggestion. Seems to fit everything you're looking for: affordable, kid friendly, parking lots (for a fee). I'd also suggest the Warren Tavern for a nice historical aspect for out of towners. Family friendly and decent food. For a nicer dining experience in Charlestown I'd recommend Navy Yard Bistro. Excellent food !!

      Warren Tavern Restaurant
      2 Pleasant St, Charlestown, MA 02129

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      1. re: thewildturkey

        I would second the Navy Yard Bistro!
        If you're willing to pay for parking, sure Joe's is great....but parking in the NE/Waterfront can be quite something. Whereas parking is not "residential" or anything during the weekends in Charlestown. Figs and Warren Tavern are both great suggestions. However, Warren Tavern is larger and might be able to offer something for everyone (simple bar food, salads, pastas, shephard's pie, etc).

        There is also a Max&Dylan's right at the foot of the bridge going into the North End. I haven't been, and perhaps they're not even still open (that location is a black hole)...but if your reservation is early enough, I imagine it could be family/kid friendly, with enough options to please everyone...

        Have fun!
        Make sure to take the nieces up to the Monument! perhaps pick up some sandwiches from Sorelle's on Main St...if it's a nice day (fingers crossed), it's a little slice of ctown heaven. Actually, as are most of the parks in the area (and there are some awesome playgrounds for the kids too; harvard mall, and Paul Revere park which is kind of hidden under the bridge to the north end. just go into the coldstone and they should be able to give you directions there!).

        Warren Tavern Restaurant
        2 Pleasant St, Charlestown, MA 02129

        1. re: mollyditty

          Sorelle's has the best sandwiches! I specially love their tuna.

          To the OP: We'll all be interested to hear where you end up. Re: parking in the North End - yes - you will have to pay but there are some open-air on Commercial St. lots quite close to Joe's and the Aquarium.

          Warren Tavern is another great idea.