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Jun 18, 2011 07:04 AM

Seeking ideas in Chantilly, VA and surrounding area

I am traveling to Chantilly next week for a convention and am looking for ideas of great places to eat in the area. Any ethnicity is fine as long as it is good food...

Thank you in advance for your help!

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  1. I work in Chantilly and have found the immediate area to be a little short on great food, but I'm often restricted to the delivery places so that I can have a quick lunch. Lots of chains and fast food type joints, and some ethnic food though!

    There's Thai Basil on 50 -- I haven't eaten there but a lot of my coworkers really like it, and it was on the Throwdown with Bobby Flay show last year.

    If you have a car and don't mind a little drive for dinner, Trummer's on Main in Clifton is wonderful. Eggspectation is right off of 28 (the Westfield's exit, I think) and is reasonably good. Dogfish Head Brewery is up on 50 and has some good dinner dishes, as well as some good brews.

    For lunch, there's Amaretti's deli off of Willard Rd for good sandwiches and salads.

    If you can make it over to Fairfax Corner there are lots of restaurants (PF Changs, Coastal Flats, Ozzie's, Ruth Chris, Uncle Julio's etc.) and also a large selection at Reston Town Center (my favorites are American Tap Room, Clyde's, Cosi, Jackson's, Il Fornaio, Market Street Bar & Grill).

    Hope that helps! Let us know where you go and how the food was!

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      Within Chantilly there is Minverva (Indian) in the same strip mall where Thai Basil is, on Rt 50 west of 28. Off of 50 east of 28 next to the Lowes is a very good Chinese vegetarian restaurant, Lotus. Next to the Dulles Expo Center is Willard's BBQ. Going south on 28, in Centreville, you have Pho Aura, which is off the Westfields exit in the shopping center with the Safeway. It's a full service Vietnamese restaurant that has good reviews. In Centreville, in the Old Centreville Crossing shopping Center on Lee Hwy (US 29) and Old Centreville Rd, is the nucleus of the new Korea town being built in that area of western Fairfax Country. You have in that shopping center Honey Pig Korean BBQ, a Korean fried chicken restaurant, and a couple of others whose name escape me at the moment. Further south on 28 you will come across Sweet Water Tavern, a local favorite brew pub, part of the GAR chain.

    2. Willards BBQ for beef BBQ.

      Sichuan Village (order from menu, not the buffet).

      Both Pho places near the Food Lion (or is it Bloom) are good, but I prefer the one around the back side, rather than the one right by the grocery store.

      Bungalow Billiards makes some great hot wings.

      Completely second or third pretty much any GAR resto, especially Sweetwater (our favorite).

      Near Fairfax Corner is also Chutzpah, a NY type deli, and Pomodorro, a pretty good pizza place (order fresh - like a whole Quattro pie). Both are by the Safeway, one on either side. If you haven't had the 5 Guys experience yet, there's also one of those there, along with a Moby Dick's - which is good kebabs (though being a native here I choose others above MD's).

      Moby Dick's
      721 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231

      5 Guys
      6210 Quander Rd, Alexandria, VA 22307

      1. Some great recs on here already, but here are three more, if you can drive a few miles west on 50 to South Riding:

        1. Rangoli: Best Indian for miles around.
        2. Grand Thai and Sushi
        3. MoCA Bistro: Very nice sushi


        Pho 98, right across the street from the Minerva/Thai Basil plaza

        Picante! The Real Taco, also in the Minerva/Thai Basil plaza: good Mexican including some interesting regional dishes

        Foster's Grille, for very good burgers -- same plaza as Eggspectation

        As others have noted, this is not a great area for fine dining, but there is an ample supply of good ethnic spots. For non-ethnic, Bungalow has great bar food.

        I'm sort of meh on Thai Basil -- it gets a lot of press but it can be hit or miss.