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Jun 18, 2011 07:01 AM

Kids & Blue Man Group - Need Restaurant in the Village


I am bringing a large group of kids (17) to see the Blue Man Group show in the Village this week.

Any suggestions on kosher restaurants in the area or at least nearby. I do have transportation so we can travel from the restaurant to the show very easily.

Looking for a fun place (for kids)... that's not super expensive... but I am willing to pay for atmosphere or a great theme.... etc.

All suggestions welcome.

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  1. How old are the kids? Would they like a funky vegetarian place or prefer pizza/falafel? Are you ok with a smaller hashgacha on a place open on Shabbat, or do you need mainstream certification?

    1. there's tahini on 3rd ave. and st. marks. it's one of those smaller hashgachas open on shabbat types of places.

      1. Viva pizza on second ave

        1. What time are you going? If it's during the day, it might be fun to pick up at University Pita on 12th and go eat in Union or Washington Square.