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Jun 18, 2011 01:32 AM

Beaufort SC for one day

I will be stopping in Beaufort SC next month. I have never been there in my life. I am hoping you guys can tell me non-fancy places for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I love good dive restaurants.
Also I am a oyster lover. Any suggestions? Thanks

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  1. We were just there and loved the town. Did not see many restaurants on the main drag but found a little one in town off the river that had a street and river side entrance with a small porch off back for outdoor eating. I had shrimp salad poboy. Husb and I both loved and excellent "sweet tea". They were advertising a wine pairing meal. You will love Beaufort. Also purchased sweet potato butter at shop on drag that had varuious vendors.

    1. Oysters are out of season in summer months. You can get them, they just won't be local. I haven't eaten down there in years, but I've always enjoyed the Shrimp Shack on the way to Hunting Island.

      Shrimp Shack
      1925 Sea Island Pkwy, Saint Helena Island, SC 29920

      1. Sue, Thanks, I have google Shrimp Shack... Lot's of good reviews.
        Any other suggestions for an old hippie that will only wear flip-flops, straw hat, and raggedy shorts?

        Shrimp Shack
        1925 Sea Island Pkwy, Saint Helena Island, SC 29920

        1. Nippy's has excellent fish tacos. It is a few streets in from the main drag and would be a nice spot for lunch.

          1. We were just there too and loved it. I posted about Plum's and Sgt Whites on another thread. We loved Plum's. It wasn't too expensive and has table overlooking the water. We didn't get to eat there but Red Rooster looked good for breakfast. The oysters we liked the best were in Bluffton 20(?) miles away at Bluffton Family Seafood House.

            Sgt White's Restaurant
            1908 Boundary St Ste 1, Beaufort, SC 29902