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Jun 17, 2011 08:15 PM

Do you like your food to look like something Lucifer would blow out of his nostrils in a fit of anger? Well, then, get thee to HAIGE STAR BOULEVARD (Rowland Heights)

Located in Hong Kong Plaza in Rowland Heights (and previously mentioned by, who else?, Chandavkl but not reviewed), is this quasi-Sichuan/Taiwanese Beer Pub type of restaurant.

I think it originally started off as a Ma La Hot Pot type of restaurant, but then switched over to doing spicy, hot food in the tradition of Sichuan, but then realized that real money was to be made in selling liquor -- specifically, beer -- so they started offering typical Taiwanese pub food (a la Jurassic or Indian).

Ok, enough background.

Some details on the food we had.

1. Spicy crab. This dish looked like someone used every single can of red paint and doused the crabs with it. Spicy? Yes. Good? It was ok. Almost too spicy that you can't taste the darn crab. Sucking on them legs left your fingers with this reddish hue that was almost impossible to get rid of. But that's ok because ...

2. Spicy prawns. ... you're going to use those same digits to tackle the prawns. Made in the same fashion as the crab -- coated in chili peppers and hot spices and deep fried -- they suffered from the same failing as the crab. Too hot to enjoy the taste of the prawns.

3. Stinky tofu. Yeah, who would've thunk it? This dish of all things appearing at a place that purports to make all things Sichuanese. Ok, not great. Certainly a nice respite from the constant attack of red inferno dishes that seemed to grace our table.

4. Spicy seafood hot pot. Sea cucumber, squid, oysters and some sort of shrimp and probably oysters or mussels in a this red witch's brew that surprisingly was more salty than hot.

4. Spicy intestine hot pot. Gizzards, tripe, pig's blood, and probably some other goodies all cooked in -- yes, you guessed it -- a fiery broth that would make even the most potent Kimchi Jigae blush in jealousy. I actually really liked this dish. Why? Because ...

5. Pineapple spam fried rice. ... it goes so well with the pineapple spam fried rice. That's why.

6. Spicy peanuts. Another red dish. Red roasted legumes. Goes good with the pitchers of beer (Tsingtao and Kirin, I believe) that we had.

So there you have it.

Haige Star
18438 E Colima Rd #105
Rowland Heights,CA
(626) 839-2438

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  1. Your poo is gonna be so red (and painful). : P

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    1. re: buttermarblepopcorn

      That comment reminds me of the toilet scene from the trailer for "Change-Up" ...

    2. Thanks for the report ipse. Memorial Day weekend, I was in the lot (!). How does the hellbroth compare to Yunnan/Yunchuan's mix of peppers (their "Wild Chili" and Tai An Spicy)?

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        1. re: ipsedixit

          Thanks ipse. I figured as much. Yunnan/Yunchuan's is the spiciest base I've had (with Shu Feng's "cold pot fish" giving it a close run). And a lot of great flavors under the heat.

          Shu Feng
          18459 Colima Rd, Rowland Heights, CA 91748

      1. Stinky Tofu and beer -- certainly a match made in purgatory.