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Jun 17, 2011 07:30 PM

Best place to eat between Boston and Amherst?

heading to Amherst for a day or two and need suggestions on where to eat brunch/lunch. Any type of food, cost not an issue. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Try Northhampton Ma. Just a couple of miles away. We go there for a week training chefs for the past 9 years and here where we seem to like to have dinner.
    Spoleto's--simple Italian
    Eastside Grill-- Progressiveamerican type
    Zen-- Korean,Sushi, Thai
    Mulinos Trattoria-- high end Italian.
    Northhampton is just a nice place to stop and walk around

    Eastside Grill
    19 Strong Ave, Northampton, MA 01060

    Mulinos Trattoria
    41 Strong Ave, Northampton, MA 01060

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    1. re: Frank Terranova

      The Eastside Grill has plummeted downhill. The other night six of us all had really terrible ( cold, under or overcooked) meals. They did comp us dessert, but I will never return and I've eaten there at least 50 times over the years. New owners have ruined it, IMO.
      I don't think mulinos or Spoleto are open for lunch

      Eastside Grill
      19 Strong Ave, Northampton, MA 01060