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Jun 17, 2011 06:45 PM

In need of an awesome stuffed zucchini recipe. TIA

Ok, it's the end of spring/start of summer and the zucchini plants are shooting out some huge ones. Anyone have a good stuffed zucchini recipe the whole family will enjoy?

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      On second thought, try these. They were good enough that I added them to my recipe collection:

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        The flournwater recipe didn't come up. :-( I will try next time I am online because maybe it was my connection...

        But the epicurious ones look pretty darn good! I will have to try them! I already got one zucchini out of my garden that is 1.5 lbs so I am thinking that second epicurious recipe modified with some sort of meat, like maybe some italian sausage (or turkey sausage depending on how healthy I want to be that day) might be pretty yummy. I think a 1-2 lb zucchini with only feta would be a little too much. I could also use some of the smaller ones to try out that recipe.... hhhhmmmnnn....ideas....

        Thank you!!!!!


      i also like to add some chopped sun-dried tomatoes and capers to the filling.

      1. I made cornmeal coated zucchini fries the other day. They were good, dip in egg, seasoned corn meal and bake.

        Traditionally we fill the zucchini with a mix of rice and raw ground beef (or lamb) and spices .. put in pot and add some water and cook.
        If you want another type of stuffed zucchini you can brown the ground meat with onions, add some spices (ground clove, black pepper) and add pine nuts then stuff the zucchinis then brown them in oil.

        Either boil in a yogurt soup or make zucchini boats with the same mix and cover with a bachamel sauce in a casserole then bake.

        You could add the stuffed zucchinis to a tomato based sauce/soup/stock.

        1. So I ended up taking the recipes with feta, combining them, and then making my own adaptations and it turned out awesome!!! I used italian sausage instead of shrimp...I know, totally different. And I added some herbs from my garden. sooooooo good!!! Thanks all for the ideas!!!!

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            sounds delicious :) glad it was a success!