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Jun 17, 2011 04:49 PM

Hayama and surrounds?

Any recommendations for restaurants in Hayama or easily accessible from Hayama on the Miura-Hanto Peninsula?

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  1. Scroll down past Kamakura for Hayama and Kotsubo listings:

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    1. re: Robb S

      Thanks Robb, I didn't think of checking Bento. Silly me.

      1. re: Robb S

        After doing some hunting and finding a lot of your writings Robb I am thinking Piscaria is definitely a goer, however, do you know anything about Il Rifugio ? It looks like another rock solid italian.

        1. re: kersizm

          Sorry I don't know either of them. Robbie Swinnerton (we're really not the same person) wrote about Piscaria - he actually lives down near there, so I would tend to trust his judgment.

          (To make it more confusing, Robbie also wrote up some of our listings for that area too.)

            1. re: kersizm

              no problem, it happens all the time....

            2. re: Robb S

              Wait, really? I've been wrong about this for years now!

              On topic, when I move back in late december I'll be living in Zushi and I hope to try out some local spots and I'll try to write up anything delicious.

              1. re: lost squirrel

                So I made it to il rifugio, unfortunately I missed piscaria.

                I really enjoyed il rifugio, the location, staff and chef were all charming. They even had gone to the trouble of translating the menu into English for us.

                Hayama Beef Carpaccio - Lots of freshly shaved black truffle sitting atop thickly sliced well marbled beef. Really clean beef fat flavour. It was sensational.

                White asparagus with poached egg and white truffle - It is pretty impossible to stuff this dish up!

                Boneless Shonen pork rib cooked in white wine - 3 large bits of ribs served with cabbage. It was the fat was soft and unctuous.

                Slow cooked Hayama beef cheek - So good my girlfriend didn't let me try any!

                Panna cotta - served with a berry coulis was the best panna cotta I've tried. No excess of gelatine. Soft and creamy!

                Chestnut semifreddo - Looked and smelt good. Tasted a little "icey" for me, however, the flavours were clear.

                Hot chocolate - Really good italian hot chocolate (nuff said!)

                Honestly, one of the best italian meals of my life. Considering I had eaten at Aronia two nights earlier, it was hard to fault, excepting the minor icey taste of the semifreddo.

                My girlfriend was bugging me to do a day trip from Tokyo to eat there for lunch! ;)

                1. re: kersizm

                  Thanks for the ringing endorsement, I'm definitely going to check it out soon in the new year.